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Buyer Protect

Shop online without fear

Underwritten by AIG Philippines Insurance, Inc.

Get up to ₱8,000 coverage per claim

How do I get insured?   

You don’t need to apply to get Buyer Protect. With an online purchase of at least ₱100 using Maya, you are eligible if you have an upgraded Maya account.

Shop online for goods worth at least ₱100 and use your Maya card, QR, or mobile number to avail of the benefits of Buyer Protect.

Coverage is subject to exclusions (e.g. consumable or perishable items such as food, drinks or supplements, goods purchased for commercial use, second hand or used goods, cash, jewelry, tickets, live items, etc). To view your Buyer Protect coverage and exclusions, you may download the terms and conditions below.

Terms and conditions
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How to file a claim?

  1. Download the claim form
  2. Read the instructions carefully. Complete the form and email it to
  3. Follow up with AIG Contact Center Hotline at (02) 8878-5400 from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm for any concerns

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