How to Pay Bills via Maya on Messenger |

Seamless bills payment on the go via Messenger, powered by Maya. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open a chatbox with Maya > Open “Menu” > Tap “Pay A Bill”

Step one PayMaya Product and Service mobile section

Step 2: Select a biller from the list

Step two Which bill do you want to pay mobile section step 1 of 3


Step 3: Enter the required bill information

Step three Your Bill Info mobile section step 2 of 3

Step 4: Tap “Submit Payment”

Step four Confirm Payment mobile section step 3 of 3

Step 5: Enter your Facebook password to confirm your payment

Step five Enter your Facebook Password mobile section

If you have enough funds in your Maya wallet for the transaction, congratulations! Your bill payment is now complete!

If you don’t have enough Maya credits for the payment, you may also settle your bill via Smart Padala. Just follow these extra steps:

Step 6: Tap “Get Code To Pay”

Step 6 Tap Get Code To Pay mobile section

Step 7: Present the code to any Smart Padala Center nationwide and settle your utility bill before the due date.

Step seven Present the code to any Smart Padala Center mobile center


Bills payment via Maya on Messenger is free, just like in the Maya app. However, there will be a P10 commission for the agent if you pay through a Smart Padala Center.

You will also receive an SMS notification after paying your bill successfully. Lastly, remember to pay your bills at least a day before the due date, just to be extra sure that it reaches your biller on time. For questions on how to pay bills via Messenger, don’t hesitate to reach us via MayaCares on Facebook. Read on: How To Buy Mobile Load via Maya on Messenger.


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