Promo has ended


  1. This promo is open to any negosyante who will do the following for the first time:
    1. Downloads the Maya Center Agent app on the Google Playstore and
    2. Successfully registers for a Maya Center Agent account
  2. Only successful downloads and registrations until May 31, 2021 will qualify for this promo.
  3. Maya authorized representatives will never ask for the personal information or account details of the promo winners. Furthermore, they will never ask for any claiming fee from the promo winners.
  4. Prize will be credited to the successfully registered Maya Center Agent account within 14 business days. Merchant will be notified via SMS as soon as the prize has been credited.
  5. Winnings are non-transferable and not convertible to gift certificates or any kind.
  6. Maya reserves the right to use the merchant’s name, pictures, and video for any publicity and promotional materials without any additional compensation.
  7. Maya reserves the right to refuse the awarding of prizes to non-compliant Maya Center Agent merchants or accounts that are suspected to be invalid or fraudulent or a result of gaming (i.e. abuse of system or weakness of promo to win prizes or receive benefits).