Earn more, do more with Maya Business Deposit

Fast track your business growth with a fully digital bank account that lets you do FREE transfers via PesoNet and earns 1.5% interest. When you can earn up to 4x higher interest than the average bank, making the switch is easy.


Fast-track your business banking experience

Seamless integration

Incredible interest

The highest business deposit interest rate in the Philippines at 1.5%—up to 4x than the average bank

Earn from interest

Quick transfers

Send money to your partners and suppliers for FREE via PesoNet and InstaPay

User friendly controls


No minimum balance required ​

Keep your business transactions quick and secure

Real time transactions

All-in-one payment

Skip the hassle and pay multiple suppliers all in one go

Secure transactions

Efficient and Secure

Assign maker, checker, and approver to keep your transactions secure

*Currently only available to select Maya Business Manager merchants

Discover how Maya can help your business

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Do more with a single account

Experience faster, more convenient business banking today
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Transfer funds to any bank for free via PESONet (InstaPay coming soon)

Pay all your suppliers in one go with bulk transactions

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Take payments from customers and easily track all your transactions on your fully customizable Maya Business Manager dashboard

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Enjoy faster, more convenient business banking today

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