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Discover global market icon

Access to a global market

Enjoy a simple pricing scheme designed to give you access to a world of opportunities and encourage growth and improved sales volume

Secure transactions icon

Secure transactions

Remove cash handling risks and enjoy 24/7 fraud protection designed to keep all your transactions safer and more secure

Quality service icon

Improved customer experience

Delight each customer with a fast and simple checkout process

Seamsless integration icon

Seamless integration

Set up Maya Checkout for your Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento store easily with our simple and fast plugin

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Instant express lane icon

Instant express lane

Reduce cart abandonment by simplifying your customers’ online shopping experience

Comprehensive techn icon

Comprehensive technical support

Get real-time authorization, billing, and T+1 settlement, as well as detailed documentation of your transactions via automated reports and notifications

Authorization and capture icon

Authorization and capture

Perfect for when you have a delayed order fulfillment process, Maya Checkout’s authorize and capture feature allows you to ensure fund availability right from the get-go without having to charge the customer until their order is fulfilled.

It also allows you to change the authorized amount in case there are any changes to the order.

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Don’t worry. Setting up Maya Checkout for the top e-commerce platforms is super easy and 100% free.



Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce platform offering its tools and resources to grow brands — from site to shipping. Build your presence with a Maya Checkout plug-in.



WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source e-commerce solution built on WordPress. You can get started easily and enhance your page with a Maya Checkout plug-in.


Upgrade your checkout experience without breaking the bank

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Rack Rate starts at
visa card master card
Visa, Master Card
3.5% MDR + Php10 per transaction
jcb card amexcard
JCB, Amex
3.5% MDR + Php10 per transaction
maya card
1.50% per transaction
1.50% per transaction
1.75% per transaction
Shopee Pay
Shopee Pay
1.85% per transaction
2% per transaction
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