Unlock contactless payments with Maya QR

Discover a more convenient way to get paid


Experience a better way to get paid

Enjoy improved security and convenience with Maya QR

Maya Terminal Lite 2-1

Get started fast

Just set up your QR code once using your free Maya QR kit and you’re ready to accept QR payments.

You can post your QR code on your website, share it via social media and messaging apps, or display it in your store to get paid wherever your customers are.

Do business with confidence

Say goodbye to cash handling risks, protect your transactions with world-class security standards, keep track of all your transactions with real-time reports, and transact with absolute confidence knowing all Maya QR transactions are supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas


Get paid without giving up your privacy

Settle transactions instantly without having to share sensitive information with anyone

Use one QR code for everything

Make getting paid easier by using just a single QR code. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ National QR Code Standard* ensures your code will work with all BSP-supervised financial institutions.

*as also provided in BSP Circular No. 1055

Benefits of QR Ph:

phone and qr code
Serve more customers every day

Speed up each transaction by letting your customers pay by simply scanning your QR Ph code

documents with arrows
Enjoy a more streamlined billing experience

Forget having to mix and match different QR codes and payment methods just so you can get paid

maya qr stands

Maya QR works with these banks and payment platforms

Maya Logo Gcash Logo JuancashLogo Starpay Logo TayoCash Logo UMSI Logo allbank-logo aub-logo
cebuana-logo chinabank-logo landbank-logo Metrobank Logo PNB Logo PSBank Logo RCBC Logo unionbank-logo allbank-logo

Enjoy a more convenient way to get paid without breaking the bank

Get Maya QR today



Rack Rate

1.50% per transaction

1.50% per transaction

maya standee and payment terminal

Experience the power of contactless payments today with Maya QR

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