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Maya Plugin for WooCommerce

Discover how easy it is to set up Maya Checkout for your WooCommerce store

Upgrade your WooCommerce store in 5 easy steps

You don’t need technical skills to get Maya Checkout for your online shop


Register for a Maya Business Manager 2.0 account and wait for your Merchant account to be activated


From your WordPress dashboard, go to the “Plugins” menu then click “Add New” submenu


Search for the Maya Checkout plugin for WooCommerce, select the plugin, then click Install


To activate your Maya Checkout plugin, go to your WooCommerce account, select “Settings”, then go to the “Payments” tab

PayMaya Manager

API Key Generation within PayMaya Manager

WooCommerce Dashboard


You’ll find the following fields under the “Payments” tab:


Enable/Disable – Ticking this option would enable the Maya payment option on your website


Title and Description - This is the text that’s displayed when a customer selects Maya as their payment method


Capture Settings
This feature is set to “None” by default, which means it is disabled, allowing you to charge each customer directly without any delay.

You can leave this setting as is unless you want to use the “Pre-Authorization and Delayed Capture” feature, which requires you to turn on the “Pre-Authorization” setting.


API Keys
1. Under the API Keys section on your Maya Manager dashboard, generate a set of keys for your store. You’ll need one PUBLIC and one SECRET key.

2. Copy and paste both your PUBLIC and SECRET keys into your WooCommerce dashboard as you create them.

*Sandbox mode is optional. It can be used to test the functionality if needed. If you wish to test on Sandbox mode, please make sure you are onboarded onto Maya’s Sandbox Manager as well. Production credentials will not work on Sandbox mode.



These are default values that comes with the plug-in and will not need any further updating.


Once all information has been filled-out, click Save changes button to apply the changes in the configuration.

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