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Liza has leveled up to the no. 1 digital bank app. Now it's your turn to enjoy up to 14% interest p.a. daily with just 1 ID and no minimum balance

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Meet your new
all-in-one digital bank app


Instantly send money through QR code or phone number
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Whether it be crypto or stocks, you can grow your money how you like it


Shop and withdraw cash
with a card that has
your @username
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Sign up with just 1 ID and no
minimum balance

Your Money. Your Way.

Liza has leveled up to the no. 1 digital bank
Enjoy up to 14% interest p.a. daily with just 1 ID and no minimum balance
Promo starts Nov. 1, 2023.
Maya Card
Get your very own physical
Maya card?
Shop to your heart’s delight or withdraw cash with a cool black card with your @username on it
Want a FREE Maya card? Click here to learn more.
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We’ve got everything—and dark mode too
Maya now comes with one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century. That’s right, we’ve got dark mode now! We hear it puts less strain on the eyes and saves battery (but we think it’s nice to look at, too!).
PayMaya is now Maya
That’s right, we’re more than a wallet now. We’ve got our own digital bank, crypto exchange, and so much more.
Pink piggy bank with gold coin saving money opening deposit Pink piggy bank with gold coin saving money opening deposit
Zero to ₱18,000 in seconds
Get approval of up to 18k credit line with Maya Credit!
Maya Credit Shopping
Did you know you can send money using @usernames?
Don't have a friend's bank account memorized? Too many details to enter? With Maya, all you need is your receiver's username and you're ready to send away.
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Crypto for all
Get started with crypto through Maya. Buy, sell, send, and receive crypto anytime.

Plus, you have access to over a dozen currencies and everything you need to learn about crypto, all in the app.
Crypto Rocket Launch
Shop ‘til you drop and pay later
Visit your favorite online or retail Maya-partnered store and pay in installments every 2 weeks at 0% interest with no hidden fees!
Pay in 4

Perks all the way, baby!

Earn cashbacks when you cash-in, transfer, refer a friend and buy gaming credits.
Maya Green CheckMove on to Maya with these exclusive deals to make the switch painless.
  • Up to 3x FREE cash in via InstaPay
  • 5x FREE InstaPay transfers per month
  • Up to 14% interest p.a. with Maya Savings
  • FREE Maya card
  • P50 reward every time your friend uses your invite code to join Maya
Maya Green CheckEarn up to ₱2,000 when you refer 40 friends to Maya.
Every friend you refer to sign up, upgrade, and complete a transaction worth at least ₱20 using your code earns you ₱50. Complete your 20 referrals to earn ₱2,000.

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Fast onboarding, no monthly fees, at real-time transaction history. Mas madaling kumita!

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Where Maya is,
a story follows

Where Maya is, a story follows

It’s everything and a bank. What more could you need?

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