Maya Plugin
for ChatGenie


Why you’ll love Maya Plugin

Discover global market icon

Access to global market

Enjoy a simple pricing scheme designed to give you access to a world of opportunities and encourage growth and improved sales volume

Secure transactions icon

Secure transactions

Remove cash handling risks and enjoy 24/7 fraud protection designed to keep all your transactions safer and more secure

Quality service icon

Improved customer experience

Delight each customer with a fast and simple checkout process

Seamsless integration icon

Easy to set up and no integration required

Instant express lane icon

Instant express lane

Reduce cart abandonment by simplifying your customers’ online shopping experience

Comprehensive techn icon

Enjoy FREE convenience fees when your customers pay with Maya

How to apply?

step 1 icon

Step 1

Register for a Maya Business Manager Account

step 2 icon

Step 2

Complete your business profile. Remember to use the referral code MAYACHATGENIE22

step 3 icon

Step 3

Upload necessary document requirements.

step 4 icon

Step 4

Activate "Checkout & Invoicing" and submit

step 5 icon

Step 5

Wait for your application approval.

What do you need?

phone with basket

Sole proprietorships:

Fill out basic merchant information requirements

  • Valid ID
  • Individual's TIN
  • Bank details

Partnerships and Corporations:

Fill out basic merchant information requirements

  • Valid ID
  • Articles of Incorporation or Partnership OR
    Secretary's Certificate
    - if PBM is not signed by the President, Treasurer or Corp Sec
    - if AOP is not available
  • Company TIN
  • Bank details

After successfully activating your online products
"Checkout and Invoicing", go to your
Maya Business Manager Dashboard

step 1 screen

Step 1

Click Solution from the side menu and choose "Paymaya Checkout"

step 2 screen

Step 2

Input your Website Name and tick E-commerce or Third Party Platform

Step 3

Choose ChatGenie from the dropdown menu and click Create API Key

step 3 screen

Step 4

Make sure to copy and save the API Key and Secret Key that will appear and input it to your ChatGenie dashboard

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