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Forget mixing and matching different QR codes

With QR Ph, you can take payments from a wider variety of banks, e-wallets, and payment apps using just one QR code

QR Ph works with these banks and e-wallet apps

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Why QR Ph?

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More convenient

You only need one QR code to accept payments from different e-wallets and bank apps!

Secured payments

QR Ph is supervised and supported by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Faster transactions

Customers can pay with their phone using a QR Ph code, saving the time of needing to handle any money and issuing change.

Which solutions can accept QR Ph? 

Group 16 (1)

Online Solutions

  • Take payments on your website, app or online payment gateway
  • Available on Checkout, Plugins, Invoice Payments and Payment Links
Group 13

Maya QR

  • Take payments via your very own static QR Ph code
  • Get real-time payment confirmation via text message
  • Easily monitor all transactions via a secure dashboard 
Group 14

Maya Terminal

  • Take payments via a dynamic QR Ph code on a WiFi-, LAN-, 3G-, and LTE-capable handheld POS device
  • Enjoy easy integration with your existing POS
  • Choose between a full and lite version
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Start taking payments using a single QR code today