4 Payment Solutions F&B Businesses Should Be Using Today

March 30, 2021
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Establishments that belong to the food and beverage (F&B) industry have certainly felt the impact of limiting the number of people that they can accommodate in their brick-and-mortar shops. In response to these stricter restrictions and the ever-changing situation with the ongoing pandemic, many food service businesses have taken to exploring different channels that will allow them to continue their operations.

Some establishments have launched their own websites or partnered with food delivery services to push for more pick-up and take-out orders, while others have expanded their products to include ready-to-cook meals that their customers can prepare at home. There are also some that invested in developing food items with longer shelf-life and that can make it through longer delivery times. However, these innovations would have been for naught without flexible payment channels that will allow F&B establishments to receive payments from outside of traditional restaurants and food kiosks. Unless they can provide customers with an easier, faster, and safer way of paying for their purchases, companies won’t be able to put their modified business plans into action.

If you’re looking for a payment solution that can offer you the level of flexibility that you need, Maya Business has you covered. The Philippines’ leading payment gateway offers 4 payment solutions that you can use for completing in-store and online sales. Gain an edge over the competition by adopting the following payment solutions in your F&B establishment:

Maya ONE

Many consumers are shifting to cashless transactions these days, as this offers them a level of safety and convenience that they can’t get when using cash-based payment methods. Many F&B establishments, on the other hand, are hesitant to adopt cashless payment options, as this often means that they have to overhaul their POS system so that it can handle digital payments.

Maya ONE is a nifty POS device that’s designed to accommodate all major and emerging payment solutions, and Maya offers this device to their partner establishments for a minimal subscription fee of PHP 799 per month. The device itself is just a little bigger than a regular smartphone, but it is capable of processing payments made using debit, credit, and prepaid cards. It can also accommodate QR payments and can be seamlessly integrated with the POS system that your F&B company is currently using.

Getting the Maya One device allows you to issue digital and printed receipts, manage transactions in real-time, and connect via Wi-Fi or mobile data. The device is also ATEX-certified, EMV-certified, and PCI-DSS-compliant, so you can rest assured that all transactions that go through it make use of world-class security standards. If you want something more compact and can be used for delivery and meetup services, Maya offers a Lite version of the device as well.

Maya QR

Another innovation that supports cashless transactions, Maya QR is a solution that you can use for in-store and online sales. After signing up for this service, you’ll get a free kit from Maya that includes a QR code unique to your F&B business. Customers who want to complete their orders can simply open their Maya app and use it to scan the QR code of the merchant they want to pay. You can simply print a copy of the QR code and post it in your physical shop to accommodate cashless in-store orders, or you can post it on your online channels so that it’s readily available to anyone who wants to send money to your establishment. Conversely, your staff can also generate a dynamic QR code using the Maya ONE device, and your customer will just have to scan this to complete the payment. Either way, you and your customer will get an SMS notification afterward to confirm that the transaction has been completed.

Maya Digital Invoice

What if your F&B establishment doesn’t have a website just yet or if your restaurant caters to customers who are not too tech-savvy? Maya has an answer to that. Maya Digital Invoice is a payment solution that bills clients and accepts payments made through cards or e-wallets. You can use this digital invoice even if you don’t have a website; you can simply send the invoice through email, chat, or SMS. In addition to sending billings and accepting payments, the solution can be used to customize your invoice template. This will help your branding efforts and make your establishment appear more professional to your customers.

Maya Checkout Plug-ins

If your F&B establishment has a website where you sell most of your meals or food and beverage items, then you need to be able to accept a wide range of online payment options. Maya Checkout has easy-to-install plug-ins for business sites that are hosted on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce. With the plug-in, your website can accommodate and process payments made using credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and other emerging payment methods.

Currently, Maya Checkout accepts VISA, MasterCard, JCB, WeChat Pay, GCash, GrabPay, and of course, Maya. With these options at their fingertips, your customers can securely complete their transactions using the method they prefer. This reduces the risk of cart abandonment and helps simplify your online store’s checkout process.

Flexibility is key to keeping your business afloat during these uncertain times. To make sure that you’re making the most out of all the selling opportunities that your F&B establishment is presented with, you need to partner with a versatile payment gateway that can perform well on all fronts. Check out Maya Business payment solutions today and add a powerful and up-to-date tool to your arsenal.