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Bring power to your profits with
the Maya 1-2-3 Grow bundle

Enjoy 1% MDR discount on all QR Ph sales, 2.5% p.a. interest on your deposit, and get a loan within 3 months


Why 1-2-3 grow is the right bundle for you


How it works

Enjoy an MDR discount of 1% on all
QR Ph payments–including GCash

Keep more of every QR payment you receive with Maya’s unbeatable rates

With QR Ph, you can: *MDR Discount valid for 3 months upon onboarding.

send money

Accept all QR payments with one QR code

Yes, even GCash payments

bill payment

Save ₱4,600* for every ₱1M worth of sales

That’s a lot of money saved on processing fees

*At 1.54% MDR when compared to other payment solutions

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Boost your savings to ₱102,200*

Unlock even more savings during the promo period
*For every ₱7M worth of sales at 1% MDR when compared to other payment solutions

Earn 2.5% p.a. interest on your Maya
Business Deposit account

That’s 20-25x more than what other banks offer

With Maya Business Deposit, you can:

send money

Grow your money faster

At 2.5% p.a. interest, you can earn a whopping ₱25,000 a year on a ₱1M deposit

bill payment

Enjoy free transfers

Settle all your dues without (financial) worries

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Unlock an extra month of 1% MDR

Simply set Maya Business Deposit as your settlement account

Get a Maya Flexi Loan offer in just
3 months

Just use Maya as your primary processor for all wallet and card payments

With Maya Flexi Loan, you can:

send money

Get a higher loan offer

The more you use Maya, the better the offer

bill payment

Use your loan instantly

Just accept the offer and you’re good to go

shop online

Qualify with no collateral needed*

No more jumping through hoops just to secure additional capital

*Subject to credit evaluation


Scale your business faster with the Maya 1-2-3 Grow today

Scale your business faster with the Maya 1-2-3 Grow today

Discover how Maya can help your business

Ready to bring your business into the cashless future?

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