6 Things Your SME or Startup Can Do with Maya Disbursements

September 13, 2023
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Having an efficient payroll system is essential to the long-term growth of your business. However, in the Philippines, managing payroll for small business or startup operations can be especially challenging as locally based organizations typically follow two payroll cycles a month. On top of that, businesses also need to consider allowances, loans, and scheduled supplier payments. This means that, in addition to bi-monthly salary disbursement, the payroll management system you choose should be able to handle allowance management, loan disbursement, and other regular transfers as well.

Over the years, Maya’s cash disbursement product has earned a reputation as the payroll system Philippines’ startups and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can trust. Its latest iteration, Maya Disbursements, builds on the successes of its predecessor PayMaya Payout to offer a reliable frictionless cash distribution experience for small business payroll management teams. It not only offers larger file size uploads than its predecessor but it also offers faster transaction processing and easy access through Maya Business Manager 2.0. Here are some exciting things your business can do with Maya Disbursements:

1) Instantly Pay Employees and Suppliers

Maya Disbursements improves on previous-generation cash disbursement products by giving your SME or startup salary disbursement capabilities that were once available only to large organizations. In addition, you can use Maya Disbursements to schedule any regular or one-off payments, ensuring you’ll never be behind on your obligations.

 2) Hassle-free Employee Account Creation

Compared to traditional bank account openings, Maya Disbursements offers a much simpler account creation process for employees and other beneficiaries. With Maya Disbursements, the barrier to creating an all-digital payroll system is now much lower.

3) Seamless Fund Transfers from Settlement to Disbursement

Maya Disbursements is fully integrated with other Maya Business tools through Maya Business Manager 2.0. This opens up a world of seamless payment transfers for your business. For example, if you designate your Maya Business Deposit account as your main settlement account, you can immediately disburse any funds within it to your employees and suppliers without delay. Likewise, if you were able to take out a Maya Flexi Loan, you can use the loan’s funds to pay your employees and suppliers the moment you receive them.

4) Manage Allowances

Maya Disbursements isn’t just for managing salary and supplier payments, you can also use it to distribute allowances to your company’s beneficiaries. This built-in functionality helps reduce your payroll team’s workload and ensures that your beneficiaries always get their allowances on time.

5) Offer Perks, Incentives, and Financial Services to Employees

Once you gain access to Maya Disbursements, your employees and other beneficiaries can enjoy the exclusive perks and promos that Maya offers to its users. With Maya Disbursements, your people can easily do the following:

  • Send friends and family members cash.
  • Shop online. 
  • Enjoy contactless in-store payments.
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM.
  • Schedule loan payments.
  • Pay bills with the Maya app.


6) Give Employees Company-Issued ATM Cards

As mentioned, one of the conveniences afforded by Maya Disbursements is the ability to give your employees ATM cards, which they can then use to effortlessly withdraw cash from any automated teller machine. These cards further streamline salary disbursement and easy access to corporate benefits. Moreover, they foster employee satisfaction and loyalty by offering hassle-free access to funds and demonstrating commitment to their well-being.

How to Enjoy Maya Disbursements

Here’s how you can start distributing funds with Maya Disbursements:

  • Create a Maya Business Manager account. You will need a Maya Business Manager 2.0 account to enjoy Maya Disbursements and other Maya Business solutions.
  • Complete all the questionnaires and submit the latest versions of all the requested documents.
  • Follow the prompts to finish creating your Maya Business Manager account.
  • Once your Maya Business Manager account is created, you may begin accessing Maya Disbursements and other associated Maya solutions like Maya Business Deposit. 
  • Give the Maya team some time to process your product requests. You may reach Maya at signup@maya.phto inquire about your account creation or product request status.

Stay On Top of Your Bills and Payrolls with Maya Disbursements

Maya Disbursements is more than just a simple payroll management system. It offers an array of startup and SME-friendly features that make regular payments easy, ultimately allowing you to stay focused on growth rather than the day-to-day of small business payroll management. If there’s something that needs to be paid for, Maya Disbursements will help keep you on top of it. Create a Maya Business Manager account today to effortlessly pay loans, compensate employees, and more.

Getting a Maya Business Manager account lets you enjoy bigger savings through exclusive promos like Maya 1-2-3 Grow. Maya 1-2-3 Grow entitles you to a 1% MDR (merchant discount rate) on all QR Ph transactions for 3 months. With a 1% MDR, you’ll get PHP 14,600 in savings for every PHP 1 million in QR Ph sales. Moreover, by opening a Maya Business Deposit account, you’ll get to enjoy a generous 2.5% p.a. interest on your account, plus free fund transfers so you can enjoy more savings. Finally, signing up also entitles you to a no-collateral Maya Flexi Loan offer of up to PHP 2 million, which you can immediately disburse through Maya Disbursements to cover salaries, allowances, loan payments, and more. Sign up for Maya Business today to enjoy Maya Disbursements and offers like Maya 1-2-3 Grow.