The Dos and Don'ts of In-Store Customer Service for Brick-and-Mortar Shops in the Philippines

February 13, 2024
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The rise of online shopping has meant that your customers are less likely than ever to regularly visit physical retail stores. But make no mistake; while a growing number of customers indeed appreciate the convenience and choices offered by e-commerce, most still enjoy the uniquely close emotional and sensory connections offered by brick-and-mortar shops. Whether you’re running a brick-and-mortar store as your main sales channel or as part of an omnichannel experience, here are some important dos and don’ts that will help you maximize your shop’s customer service potential:

Customer Service Dos:

1) Do Accept Digital Payments

The past several years have seen the Philippine market move away from traditional cash in favor of payment cards and digital wallets like Maya and GCash. To address this shift in preferences, your store’s payment terminal has to be able to process these and other emerging payments.

Thanks to its business-friendly rack rates and ability to process all digital payments, the Maya Terminal has become the preferred payment terminal machine for brick-and-mortar stores throughout the Philippines. It also replaces old swipe card payment terminals, giving your store the ability to accept modern tap-to-pay and dipped credit and debit cards. If your store also has an e-commerce component, you can also use Maya Checkout as a virtual payment terminal or online payment gateway to accept any digital payment online.

2) Do Assist Customers That Need Help

Exceptional customer service goes beyond just selling a product or service. It involves being there for your customers when they need assistance, even if they may not necessarily purchase a product right away. Whenever there are new products, services, or other developments at your store, take time to update your staff so that they’re ready to address queries and resolve issues promptly.

3) Do Train Your Staff

Your frontline staff members serve as the face of your store, and their performance reflects directly on your business. As such, make sure to provide comprehensive, ongoing training to ensure they have a deep and up-to-date understanding of your store’s products or services. In particular, ensure that they’re equipped with the skills to handle customer interactions effectively so that they can help create an environment where customers feel valued.

4) Do Offer Quick Responses

You and your staff must be prepared to quickly address questions and not leave customers hanging when they’re at your store. With proactive training and delineating clear areas of responsibility, you and your staff should be able to speed up the time it takes to address customer concerns.

Customer Service Don'ts:

1) Don't Avoid Accountability

Mistakes happen in any business, but how you handle them speaks volumes. Avoiding accountability damages trust. Do your best to openly acknowledge mistakes, provide sincere apologies, and take swift action to rectify any mistakes you or your staff may have made that impact your customers’ experience.

2) Don't Show Favoritism

It must be acknowledged that regular customers are usually more valuable, especially for brick-and-mortar businesses. However, open favoritism in favor of regulars can create a sense of exclusion among other customers, reducing the odds of earning their loyalty. To get around this issue, create a formalized loyalty program that even new customers can join.

3) Don't Lose Your Composure

Customer interactions can sometimes be challenging, but maintaining composure is crucial. Avoid reacting emotionally to difficult situations, as this can harm your reputation. Instead, focus on finding workable solutions and maintaining professionalism. Keeping a level head will not only help diffuse tension but it should also showcase your commitment to providing exceptional service.

4) Don't Forget to Thank Your Customers Warmly

Whether they’re done verbally, with handwritten notes, or with gift cards, expressions of gratitude can be a great way to inject a human element into your customer interactions. Showing appreciation in these ways can enhance the sense of connection that only traditional storefronts offer.

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