Why Maya Checkout Is the Best Payment Gateway for Your E-Commerce Site

September 12, 2023
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The Philippine e-commerce market is among the fastest growing in the world, with its total value expected to reach USD 26.4 billion by 2027, according to data collated by Statista. To better tap into this growth, a growing number of Philippine-based startups and SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) are setting up their own e-commerce sites. 

Having your own e-commerce website offers more search visibility and control compared to relying solely on popular third-party e-commerce platforms. However, having your own online store means that you’re responsible for setting up and maintaining its payment gateway. With the domestic payments environment now more complex than ever before, choosing the best payment gateway is essential for ensuring your website’s long-term success.

Of all the payment solutions available in the Philippine market, Maya Checkout has emerged as the best payment gateway for small business websites. Let’s look at the many reasons why Maya Checkout is the payment gateway Philippines’ startups and SMEs can depend on:

1) Easy Integration

Integrating Maya Checkout requires minimal web development skills. If you have some web development skills or access to a qualified web developer, check out this developer resource to find out how you can integrate Maya Checkout into your website. If your site is on Shopify or WooCommerce, you can even enjoy quick and seamless integration with Maya Plugins, with no coding knowledge needed.

2) Simple Pricing

Where other payment gateway providers obscure the real cost of each transaction, Maya offers a transparent and easy-to-understand pricing scheme. With Maya Checkout, you’ll know exactly how much each online transaction costs, ultimately giving your e-commerce website a firmer foundation on which to build its online presence. 

3) Smooth Checkout Experience

Maya has designed Maya Checkout to be a truly frictionless solution for both you and your customers. Integrating Maya Checkout means fewer cart abandonments, reduced costs per sale, and better growth for your business.

4) Secure Online Transactions

Maya Checkout complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ensuring that all your online transactions are secured to internationally recognized standards. This compliance not only keeps your customer’s data safe, but it also helps create trust in your online business.


5) Extensive Technical Support

Maya Checkout comes with real-time authorization and T+1 settlement to help you keep up with today’s fast-moving markets. Through the Maya Business Manager, you’ll also get access to a complete range of automated reports and notifications. And if you have any questions about Maya Checkout or any of Maya Business’s other SME solutions, you can rely on your Maya Relationship Manager and Maya’s business support resources to give you the answers you need.

6) Authorize and Capture Feature

Maya Checkout comes with an “authorize and capture” feature that mitigates risks from delays in the order process. This feature ensures fund availability without needing to charge the customer until their order is completed. It also lets you modify authorized peso amounts should there be any changes to the order.

7) Elevated Customer Experience

All the features we’ve described so far can help contribute to a better experience for your online customers, increasing repeat orders and improving your brand equity. Unlike other similar solutions, Maya Checkout is not only designed to facilitate payments but it’s also been developed to remove all potential sources of friction in the online payment process. This makes Maya Checkout an important tool not just for increasing payment efficiency but for building trust and customer loyalty as well.

Better Online Payments and Happier Customers with Maya Checkout

The Philippines’ complex payments landscape requires adaptable, locally-appropriate payment gateways. With its focus on user experiences and its ability to facilitate digital wallets, payment cards, and emerging cashless payments, Maya Checkout is widely considered to be the best payment gateway for small business operations. Through Maya Checkout, Philippine-based startups and SMEs can not only meet the expectations of an increasingly cashless domestic market but also create profoundly positive online payment experiences for customers. Create a Maya Business Manager account today to integrate Maya Checkout into your website.

Having a Maya Business Manager account doesn’t just give you access to Maya Checkout and other innovative Maya products, it also entitles you to one-of-a-kind offers like Maya 1-2-3 Grow. Maya 1-2-3 Grow gives you an unbeatable 1% MDR (merchant discount rate) on all QR Ph transactions for 3 months from initial onboarding, saving your business PHP 14,600 for every PHP 1 million in sales. Moreover, you can earn 2.5% p.a. interest and enjoy free fund transfers via InstaPay and PisoNet if you set Maya Business Deposit as your settlement account. The Maya 1-2-3 Grow bundle also lets you have up to PHP 2 million in additional funding through a Maya Flexi Loan offer within 3 months of signing. Create a Maya Business Manager account today to enjoy promos like Maya 1-2-3 Grow and industry-leading payment solutions like Maya Checkout.