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Maya Cash In, Now Available at Lawson

Maya is all about providing consumers with new ways to conduct transactions in the most convenient ways. That's why Maya made sure you can cash in and add money to your account through multiple channels.

One of these cash-in channels is Lawson, with almost 50 stores in key locations in Metro Manila and counting. With just a few taps on the app, you're ready to add money to your Maya account at participating Lawson branches.

Simple steps to cash in using Lawson

  1. Log in to your Maya app
  2. Select "Cash In" icon on the home screen.
  3. Select the Lawson logo
  4. Enter the desired amount then select "Continue"
  5. Go to a Lawson branch with Maya kiosk and tap "Cash in" in the display
  6. Type in your 7-digit Cash in Code and desired amount
  7. Insert your exact cash payment in the machine (kiosk does not provide change)
  8. Wait for an SMS confirmation before leaving

*Minimum cash in amount is Php100.

*Maximum cash in amount is Php 50,000

*A 2% Convenience Fee will be deducted from the cash in amount.

*All Cash in transactions below Php 8,000 for the month will still incur a 2% fee but will have a 2% rebate.

About Lawson Philippines

Lawson is one of the top three convenience store chains in Japan, although it actually originated in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio as a milk store. Started by James "J.J." Lawson in 1939, Lawson Milk Company was bought out by Consolidated Foods in 1959 and its convenience stores became a fixture in Ohio neighborhoods until the 1980s.

On the other hand, in 1974, a retail company in Japan signed a deal with Consolidated Foods (now Sara Lee) to bring Lawson to Japan. The first store opened in Sakurazuka, Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture in June 1975 and the rest is proverbial history.

In the Philippines, Lawson is a new presence. It opened its first branch only in 2014, but that didn't stop the brand from providing the same quality service its parent company is known for. Aside from convenience store staples like snacks and beverages, Lawson also has a wide array of filling meals and desserts at affordable price tags.

With plans to open at least 500 stores in the country by 2024, Lawson is ready to deliver its brand of quality service to more Filipino.

Products and Services 

Lawson Philippines offers a wide variety of convenience store staples to its customers. They also have Lawson Lunchbox Originals, a version of combo meals that feature simple but filling food. The
Lawson Superbowl includes one piece each of bacon, crispy burger, and shanghai roll, plus four pieces of siomai. Meanwhile, the Busolb Box is their version of a rice meal, featuring viands like Asian pork stew, beef pares, pork binagoongan, shawarma, and sisig.

Apart from these, Lawson also has True Bew hot and cold beverages, house blended drinks, and a wide array of snacks and various products.

Lawson branches also accept provide money transfers, bills payment, and electronic prepaid loading services. Certain branches also have kiosks that allow customers to add money to their Maya account. Make sure that you have the latest version of the Maya app and follow the steps on the screen to cash in and enjoy a new level of convenience!

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