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Cash In

Top up your account for through select banks, convenience store, groceries, malls, payment centers and more

Maya supports these cash in partners. Select one to find out how.

How to Cash In

  • Via Linked Banks
  • Partner Merchants
  • TouchPay Kiosk
  • From Other Banks
Requires an upgraded Maya account
  1. Open your app and select the “Cash In” icon
  2. Tap on “Bank Account” then choose your desired bank
  3. Enter the amount you want to Cash In then tap “Continue”
  4. Log into your bank account and complete the authentication requirements by the bank
  5. Select the source account to be linked and click “Authorize“
  6. Once confirmed and linked, the bank will debit the amount from the linked bank account and top it up to your Maya account
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Must be visiting a Maya partner merchant*
  1. Let the staff know you’re adding funds to your Maya account
  2. Fill out the given transaction form
  3. Give the money and your ID (for verification) to the staff
  4. Once your money is added you will receive an SMS confirmation
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Must be visiting a TouchPay Kiosk
  1. Open the app and tap the “TouchPay” icon
  2. Enter your desired Cash in amount in the app
  3. Wait to receive your 7-digit code via SMS
  4. On the TouchPay kiosk tap “e-money” and then “Maya”
  5. Type in the 7-digit code and your desired Cash In amount
  6. Wait for an SMS confirmation to confirm your successful transaction
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You can cash in to your Maya account from another bank app by performing a bank transfer via InstaPay or PESONet. Here's how:
  1. Log in to your other bank app and initiate a transfer
  2. Choose Maya Philippines, Inc./Maya Wallet as the destination
  3. Enter the 11-digit mobile number registered to your Maya account as the account number
  4. Enter the rest of the transaction details
  5. Choose InstaPay or PESONet as the transfer method
  6. Review your details and complete the transaction

What's the difference between InstaPay and PESONet?

  • InstaPay lets you transfer funds between accounts in real time.
  • PESONet lets you transfer larger amounts following a cutoff schedule. For details about the cutoff schedule,click here

Please note that InstaPay and PESONet transfer limits and fees may apply.

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How to Auto Cash In

  1. On your Wallet dashboard, tap 'Options' under your Wallet balance
  2. Tap 'Auto cash in'
  3. Set the Wallet amount that triggers Auto Cash In
  4. Choose your fund source(for now, only Maya Savings is available)
  5. Set the Auto Cash In amount and hit ‘Save’
Auto Cash in
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