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Maya Verified Seller

Maya Verified Sellers are online sellers that Maya has confirmed to be legitimate and trustworthy, and that accept payments using Maya. Their accounts have a special badge that show that they are a Maya Verified Seller so buyers can shop online with peace of mind.

Learn more below if you want to #GetVerified as a Maya Verified Seller or #BuyVerified if you’re shopping online!

Get Verified

Maya Verified Seller Terms and Conditions


Why should you #GetVerified?

Badge of authenticity

Get a Verified Seller badge to show potential buyers that you’re the real deal

Better savings

Get special discounts on bills, groceries, deliveries, and waived bank transfers

Further reach

Reach more customers by accepting multiple modes of payment and get a chance to be featured to millions of users in the Maya app

Sell, sell, sell!

Get up to a 1M wallet limit while having real-time transaction monitoring

How to apply to be a Maya Verified Seller?


Apply through the online form

Verified seller badge

Once approved in 5 business days, see the Verified Badge on your Maya account

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Be featured in Maya’s official social media page!

Share to your customers you’re a Maya Verified Seller and get a chance to be featured in our official social media page. Follow the steps below.

  • Click here to download the Maya Verified Seller profile picture frame and apply this to your business’ social media page.
  • Update your bio and post this status:
    I am a proud Maya Verified Seller! ✅
    Always check for the Verified Check in the Maya app. Make sure to #BUYVERIFIED today or #GETVERIFIED if you're a fellow business owner!
  • Send a screenshot of the following to :
    • Your business’ updated profile picture
    • Your business’ updated status
    • Your business’ high resolution logo/profile picture
    • Your business’ product photos/shots

See your business in Maya Mall in the Maya app after 5 business days

What’s in it for you to #BuyVerified?

Easy to trust

Skip the suspicion and the background checks. Buy from verified sellers and keep your peace of mind

Easy to check

Refer to the list of sellers on the app so you can't be fooled by fake screenshots from scammers

Easy to pay

With real-time Transaction Monitoring you can skip the needless back and forth and confirm your purchases with ease

How to know you’re buying from a Maya Verified Seller

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Verified Seller Badge

Maya Verified Sellers have a Verified Seller badge displayed in your confirmation screen in the app right before you pay

Refer a friend badge

See the list of Maya Verified Sellers on Maya Mall

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