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Maya's Tips
  • Your registered mobile number is your official Maya account number
  • You can link up to 3 physical cards to your Maya account*
  • You can find your updated daily and monthly account limits in your profile
  • For faster upgrade approval, make sure that the name and birthday that you entered matches the ID that you uploaded

*Remember, this is different from your Maya Savings account number which you can find on your Savings dashboard

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Account Limits

Learn all about the different types of Maya accounts

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Activate Virtual Card

Step up your online shopping experience with Maya virtual card

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Bank Transfer

Instantly transfer your money between bank accounts with minimal transaction fees

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Bills Payment

When you pay your bills with Maya, lines and waiting become a thing of the past

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Cash In

Add money to your account through banks, self-service kiosk, debit and credit cards, and more

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Claim Remittance

Enjoy receiving money from our partners in the comfort of your home

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Create an Account

Get started with your new go-to money app and start sending, shopping, saving, and growing

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Invest for as low as P1 in top crypto coins all in one app

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Email Verification

Secure and recover your account by verifying your email

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Start investing in local and global companies for as little as ₱50

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Level up your player experience by buying gaming pins from the Maya shop

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Get Protected

It always pays to plan ahead. Stay safe and protected with Maya

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Get a Maya card

Get either a Maya virtual or physical card for faster processing of payments

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Link Physical Card

Track all your transactions and shop to your heart’s content when you connect your card to the Maya app

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Mobile Data

Easily purchase mobile data to go online whenever you choose

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Mobile Prepaid Load

With Maya you can load up on discounted prepaid load for all telco providers

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Pay using Maya card

Shop, dine, subscribe, and pay—all with your Maya Card

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Pay with Maya online

Enjoy life in the fast lane and get express checkout when you pay online with Maya

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Refer and Earn

Earn up to ₱3,000 when you refer your friends and family to join Maya

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Put away money for short term or long term goals and withdraw it without hassle

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Pay with QR

Paying with Maya is as simple as opening the app and scanning the merchant QR code

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Send Money

Sending money with Maya is fast, simple, and if we’re being honest, pretty cool

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Send Money via @Username

Sending money shouldn't be so stressful. That's why with Maya we didn't just make it super safe, super easy, and hassle free, we made it fun too.

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Travel with Maya

Pay safely for your travels from the comfort of your home with Maya

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Upgrade Account

Open a savings account, personalize your experience, bump your wallet limit and more

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Use Abroad

With Maya you can manage your finances across the globe as seamlessly as if you were back home

It’s everything and a bank. What more could you need?

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