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Cash in to Your Maya Account Through Mercury Drug

Add money to your Maya funds the easy way by dropping by a Mercury Drug near you. The largest pharmacy chain in the country has partnered with Maya and now accepts add money and cash in requests from app users.

With Mercury Drug being a valued cash in partner, you can now get your medicines and vitamins while making sure that your e-wallet is topped up. And with Maya's growing network, you'll be sure to experience even greater cashless convenience for whatever you'll be needing.

Simple steps to cash in using Mercury Drug

  1. Log in to your Maya app
  2. Select "Cash In" icon on the home screen
  3. Select the Mercury Drug logo
  4. Enter the desired amount then select "Continue"
  5. Go to a Mercury Drug branch with Maya kiosk and tap "Cash in" in the display
  6. Type in your 7-digit Cash in Code and desired amount
  7. Insert your exact cash payment in the machine (kiosk does not provide change)
  8. Wait for an SMS confirmation before leaving

*Minimum cash in amount is Php100.

*Maximum cash in amount is Php 50,000

*A 2% Convenience Fee will be deducted from the cash in amount.

*All Cash in transactions below Php 8,000 for the month will still incur a 2% fee but will have a 2% rebate.

About Mercury Drug

Founded in Manila at the end of World War II, Mercury Drug is now the largest pharmacy in the Philippines with over 1,200 stores and 15,000 employees. The company's founder, Mariano Que, set up the foundation for Mercury Drug by selling sulfathiazole, which was considered a wonder medicine during that time. From a P100 capital, the business grew to include other pharmaceutical goods as well as daily essentials, and it also started offering delivery and pickup services to customers.

The company has made conscious efforts to improve the accessibility of medical assistance in its branches. In 2011, Mercury Drug launched its in-store and call-in pharmaceutical counseling service to educate consumers about the medications that they're taking. Another first that the company spearheaded is the establishment of diabetes care corners in selected stores in the country in 2018. In addition, Mercury Drug has also bagged many recognitions from award-giving bodies for its exemplary services and continuous effort to improve the skills and training of its employees.

Products and Services 

Mercury Drug is more than a pharmacy; it's also a trusted health and wellness partner for many Filipinos. Customers can drop by one of the chain's branches to buy or pick up their medication and other essential items, call in or visit a pharmacist to get information and advice about the drugs that they are planning to buy or take, and even schedule delivery services for their purchases.

If you need to add money to your Maya funds, you can do it while you're also purchasing meds and other items from Mercury Drug. Cash in today and make sure you have enough funds in your digital wallet.

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