Effective October 3, 2022, Maya will be offering FREE cash in for all our partners except Banks up to P8,000 per user.
Cash in via our partner banks will continue to be free for our customers.

Cash In for FREE to Maya with Pay&Go

Easily and quickly Cash In for FREE to your Maya account & Go about your day hassle-free

Simple steps to Cash In for FREE via Pay&Go

  1. Tap "Cash In" icon on the homescreen in you Maya app
  2. Select "Pay&Go" icon
  3. Enter the desired amount and select "Continue" to generate the 7-digit cash in code
  4. Visit a Pay&Go kiosk and tap "Cash In" on the display screen
  5. Type in your 7-digit cash in code and desired amount
  6. Insert your exact cash payment in the machine (kiosk does not provide change)
  7. Wait for an SMS confirmation before leaving

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