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Cash in to You Maya Account via RD Pawnshop

For many Filipinos, pawnshops are reliable partners in finance. This is why RD Pawnshop is committed to providing not just a delightful pawning experience to its customers. They're also dedicated to providing value by expanding their services while maintaining the quality and efficiency that they've built over the years.

One of the ways RD Pawnshop has widened its scope is by partnering with Maya to offer cash in transactions. Now, customers can add money to their Maya accounts in a hassle-free way! All you need to do is present the generated Add Money code from the Maya app along with your payment to the cashier. What's even better is that RD Pawnshop is intent on adhering to government mandates and regulations, so you can be sure about your security and safety.

Top up your Maya account today by visiting your nearest RD Pawnshop branch.

Simple steps to cash in using RD Pawnshop

  1. Log in to your Maya app
  2. Select "Cash In" icon on the home screen
  3. Select the RD Pawnshop logo
  4. Enter the desired amount then select "Continue"
  5. Go to a RD Pawnshop branch and inform the cashier that you want to Cash in to your Maya
  6. Present the generated Cash in code along with your payment to the cashier
  7. Wait for an SMS confirmation before leaving the store

*Minimum cash in amount is Php100.

*Maximum cash in amount is Php 50,000

*A 2% Convenience Fee will be deducted from the cash in amount.

*All Cash in transactions below Php 8,000 for the month will still incur a 2% fee but will have a 2% rebate.

About RD Pawnshop

RD Pawnshop is a well-known pawnshop with over 40 years of experience in the business. It is part of a conglomerate owned by Rodrigo E. Rivera, Sr., Dolores C. Rivera, and their children. Although RD Pawnshop is better-known for their pawnshop services, RD Corporation (the holding company), operates a variety of businesses, which include the following:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Credit Lending
  • Remittance
  • Real Estate
  • Export Marketing & Distribution
  • Investments
  • Retail
  • Aquaculture & Food Processing
  • Agribusiness
  • Fishing
  • Shipbuilding & Repair
  • Tuna Manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding & Repair
  • Hotels & Resorts

RD Pawnshop is a name Filipinos can trust. Priding themselves with outstanding and excellent quality service, the company has a strong commitment to delivering the highest quality of customer service to their clientele. They also keep their 2700+ workforce trained and equipped with up-to-date customer service methods and practices to ensure that every RD Pawnshop provides quality service. RD Pawnshop is also dedicated to providing a healthy, clean, and safe environment to all their clients. They follow government mandates, procedures, and regulations, like those given by the AMLA and BSP. This way, you can rest easy knowing that all RD Pawnshop branches follow strict safety protocols during the pandemic.
Today, RD Pawnshop has over 1,500+ branches and more than 400 agents and partners across the Philippines, and it looks like they aren't stopping any time soon. Their main office is located in Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu.

Products and Services 

Aside from pawning gold, gold jewelry, and high-end watches, RD Pawnshop also offers other types of services. Their Cash Padala domestic money transfer service enables Filipinos to send money to any point in the Philippines with competitive and customer-friendly rates. RD Pawnshop also allows you to send and receive money from abroad through their international remittance service. The branches also provide convenient E-loading, bills payment, and money changer services. What's more, you can purchase air and sea tickets, as well as get RD insurance from most RD Pawnshop branches.

When it comes to diversifying its products and services, RD Pawnshop indeed takes a collaborative approach. This way, they can expand their coverage faster and more efficiently. One of these collaborations includes that with Maya. With Maya cash-in now available at RD Pawnshop branches, customers now have another reliable way of adding money to their accounts.

If you don't have the Maya app yet, download it for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery. Then, upgrade your account to unlock more features and start enjoying cashless convenience like never before!

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