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  1. This promo runs from October 15, 2023 to December 31, 2023.
  2. This promo is open to all new and existing upgraded Maya users who will subscribe to any participating ALFM Mutual Funds via Maya Funds, namely:
    1. Philippine Stock Index Fund
    2. ALFM Money Market Fund
  3. Qualified subscription refers to subscriptions made in new Maya Fund Accounts (ALFM) and/or top-ups made by existing investors. Order date of the subscription should be dated from October 15 to December 31, 2023. Any transaction received past cutoff will no longer be qualified.
  4. Any withdrawals/ redemptions from the target funds during the promo period will make entry/ies ineligible for the raffle.
  5. Qualified users will receive 1 raffle entry for every eligible transaction.
  6. A total of 10 users will get a chance to win the following prizes:





Every P500 subscription to any ALFM Fund

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

1 winner

January 9, 2024

P5,000 Maya Voucher each

9 winners

  1. A user can only win once during the promo. If his/her name is drawn again, client has the option to choose the prize with the higher value, unless the higher valued prize already has a drawn winner.
  2. Raffle draw will be on January 9, 2024 conducted online in the presence of representatives from BPI Wealth Compliance and BPI Wealth Brand Experience.
  3. Validation of entries for qualified clients will be done from January 2-4, 2024. Qualified investment/s must remain intact until the raffle draw on January 9, 2024. Prizes will be credited to the Maya Wallet of the winners within fifteen (15) working days from the draw.
  4. BIMI / BPI Wealth will notify the qualified client on the number of e-raffle tickets directly via their registered email on January 5-8, 2024. Should the client disagree with the Terms and Conditions of the promo, they must send a non-conformity email to Should this be the case, BIMI / BPI Wealth reserves the right to disqualify the client’s participation in the promo.
  5. Terms and Conditions for Disqualification. An entry is deemed disqualified if:
    1. Redemption is identified in the participating account before the raffle draw
    2. Investment was done before or after the promo perio
  6. Winners of the raffle promo will be contacted via their registered email address and announced via the ALFM Mutual Funds Facebook page and Maya & Seedbox’s social media accounts. Further, winners will be contacted by BPI Wealth Institutional Agency via SMS and/or call-out for verification purposes within 15 banking days. Winners must ensure that the mailing address on Maya’s record is updated. Prize will be delivered to the winner’s mailing address. Upon receipt of the prize, the winner must provide one (1) photocopy (front & back) of his/her valid photo-bearing ID with his/her signature. In the event that the winner could not be contacted through his information on record, unclaimed prize after sixty (60) days from the raffle date will be forfeited in favor of BPI Wealth.
  7. Promo prizes are non-transferable, non-cumulative, cannot be exchanged for other products, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions, fixed price items, unless otherwise provided.
  8. By joining this promo, the qualified client agrees for BIMI and/or BPI Wealth to collect information such as financial information for purposes of processing their registration to the promo.
  9. Investments, which are basis for qualification to this promo, will not be qualified for other ongoing promos of BIMI and/or BPI Wealth.
  10. The Withholding Tax or other expenses related to the awarding of the prizes will be shouldered by BPI Wealth.
  11. BIMI and/or BPI Wealth, reserves the right to dispute the eligibility of participation in the promo if redemption or reinvestment is identified. In case of dispute, the decision of BIMI and/or BPI Wealth will be final.
  12. Maya, BPI Wealth, ALFM, and Seedbox employees, and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified to join this promo.
  13. Qualified users will receive their reward/s through the Maya app. To redeem the voucher, please follow these steps:
    1. Open the Maya app and log in to your account.
    2. Tap “Vouchers” in the home screen.
    3. Select the voucher you want to redeem under “Available” and tap “Claim”.
    4. Review the details and amount of the voucher and tap “Claim Now”.
    5. You will receive a notification of the voucher redemption in-app and via SMS.
    6. Redeemed voucher amount will be reflected in your Maya account balance.
  14. Unclaimed vouchers will expire within 60 days upon receipt.
  15. This promo is applicable to unique and valid Maya consumer accounts only registered under a unique mobile number and device. User will not be eligible to participate in the promo if he/she creates multiple accounts. Moreover, accounts created, and transactions made outside of the Maya app are not eligible for this promo.
  16. Maya reserves the right to use the name, image and video of the raffle winners for publicity and promotional purposes in connection with this promotion without further compensation.
  17. Failure to comply with any of the requirements or the terms and conditions herein, will have the winner forfeit his/her winnings.
  18. Customers have up to 7 days from the end of the promo to report possible disputes to BPI and Maya regarding the raffle entries earned. All aspects of the raffle promo are deemed final after this cut-off date.
  19. Maya users with merchant accounts and under Maya Business App are disqualified from participating in this promo. Moreover, Maya reserves the right to withdraw rewards or prizes if one person has already received the prize or benefit, even if already issued.
  20. Refunded transactions made through the Maya app will not qualify for this promo. Moreover, splitting the same bill for the same biller and account number into multiple transactions is not allowed and is subject to withdrawal of rewards.
  21. Maya users with duplicate accounts or who are blacklisted cannot participate in this promo. Maya reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the prize or benefit if proven to be a duplicate account or a participant is blacklisted.
  22. Maya reserves the right to refuse and withdraw the awarding of rewards or prizes to accounts that are proven to be invalid or fraudulent or a result of gaming (i.e., abuse of the system or weakness in the promo to win prizes or receive benefits).
  23. Should the qualified transaction be cancelled or declined, whether the cancellation is customer- or biller-initiated, Maya reserves the right to withdraw the voucher or reward equivalent to the cancelled payment transaction, even if the voucher or reward has already been credited. Maya reserves the right to debit any points/cash reward credited from your balance. If your balance is insufficient to cover the amount to be withdrawn at the time of withdrawal, Maya reserves the right to debit the balance not withdrawn when your balance is sufficient.
  24. Maya users who have exceeded their aggregate limits may not receive their prize or voucher on time. The prize or voucher can only be credited the following month or once a user’s account balance is once again within the allowable limits – ₱50,000 for starter accounts and ₱100,000 for upgraded.

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