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Get P5,000 Maya Credit to pay for your PLDT bill

Activate your Maya Credit and use it for your PLDT bills and more



Maya Credit for PLDT Home Customers

  1. Maya Credit is open to select PLDT Home Customers who will apply and be approved for Maya Credit. It will be available beginning June 22, 2023 to grant assistance in paying bills or in availing of digital devices through PLDT Home.
  2. Eligible PLDT Home customers will receive an SMS (sender name: PLDTHome) with a unique code and a link to the Maya App with detailed guidelines.
    1. For customers who do not yet have a Maya account, the link will lead customers to download the Maya app on the App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei App Gallery to create their Maya accounts.
    2. For customers with existing Maya accounts, the link will lead customers to log-in to the Maya app.
  3. Users must have an upgraded Maya account before entering the code on the Missions Page.
  4. Users need to enter the unique code from the SMS to Maya app’s Missions page. Once the code is entered successfully, customers will be screened for Maya Credit eligibility. Screening will take at most 1 hour.
    1. In the event of multiple attempts to access the same code, the user who successfully enters a unique code first will be deemed the legitimate owner of that code. Succeeding entries of the same code will not be honored. 
    2. All unused codes will be deactivated on September 30, 2023 .
  5. If eligible, the user will be able to access and activate Maya Credit. The available credit amount varies per customer depending on user behavior and screening conditions.
  6. Only users who do not yet have access to Maya Credit prior to June 22, 2023 qualify for the P5,000 credit limit. Those who already have access to Maya Credit before the said date will retain their Maya Credit account's credit limit.
  7. To use the Maya Credit loan amount to pay for their PLDT Home bill or secure a new PLDT Home device, the eligible user must transfer the approved amount to his/her Maya wallet.


  1. What is this offer about?
    Maya Credit is a virtual credit line which customers can use to pay their PLDT Home bills or upgrade their devices with PLDT Home.
  1. Who are qualified to avail?
    The promo is open to select PLDT Home Customers who received the promo code and will apply and be approved for Maya Credit.
  1. I did not receive an offer, but I want to avail. How can I apply?
    Maya Credit is only for selected customers but will gradually be made available to more customers soon.
  1. I already have Maya Credit. Can I still avail of this offer?
    This offer is open to PLDT Home Subscribers who do not yet have Maya Credit. If you already have Maya Credit and you enter the voucher code, there will be no change to your current credit limit.
  1. Can I have multiple loans?
    No. Only one loan at a time.
  1. Can I give my promo code to a friend or family member?
    No. The voucher code from PLDT Home is unique and is exclusively for your use.
  1. How do I pay for the loan?
    Payment can be made via the Maya App, either via bills pay or via auto deduction.
  1. How do I compute for the fees of my loaned amount from Maya Credit?
    Depending on your eligibility, you may be charged with a service fee of as low as 3.99%. Here's how you can compute your charges when loaning from Maya Credit:

Sample Total Amount (Credit used) - PhP 1,000.00
Add: Service Fee Charged (5% of used limit*) - PhP 50.00
Add: Documentary Stamp Tax (0.75% x 30/365 of used limit) - PhP 0.62
Penalties incurred - assuming 5 days late: (0.17% x overdue principal balance x # of days late) - P 8.50

Total Amount Due: PhP 1059.12

*This is a sample computation using 5% service fee.

  1. Can I fully pay for my loan before the end of the loan term? Do I get a discount or a penalty?
    You can fully pay for your loan in advance on the Maya App without any pretermination fees.
  1. Can I use my Maya Credit for items other than bills payment or PLDT devices?
    Your Maya Credit loan is intended to help you pay for your PLDT Home bill or get a new device from PLDT Home.
  1. What devices can I avail from PLDT?
    • Wifi Mesh devices: Tenda MW3, Tenda MW6, TP Link M4, TP Link M5
    • Eufy Indoor Camera 2k Pan & Tilt
  1. How can I contact Maya for concerns regarding my loan?
    For concerns, please call 8845-7788 or email
DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-169366 Series of 2023

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