Send Money from Maya to Philtrust Bank

Easily send money to a Philtrust Bank account holder through Maya! Take advantage of the fastest and most reliable cashless payment platform in the country to complete transactions with a likewise reliable, not to mention one of the oldest, banks in the Philippines! Philtrust Bank and Maya have partnered to deliver a hassle-free send money service so you can transfer money or settle dues with anyone with a Philtrust Bank account quickly and securely!


Send Money - Maya

Why Should You Use Maya to Send Money to Philtrust Bank?

More Filipinos have discovered the convenience of online banking solutions and are slowly moving away from over-the-counter transactions. While some remain apprehensive because of the impression that this service is only available to big banks in the country, Maya has partnered with over 40 small and big banks to ensure that online banking solutions remain inclusive. Of course with a bank as big as Philtrust Bank, Maya works to make things easier for Philtrust Bank account holders and non-holders.

Transacting using the Maya app allows its users to send up to PHP20,000 per transaction to any Philtrust Bank account holder. The Maya app also makes it less tedious to send money to anyone by eliminating the hassles of locating a Philtrust Bank and scheduling a special trip within banking hours. Relying on Maya’s electronic bank transfer feature makes life easy and breezy for both senders and recipients! Recipients will have the luxuries of immediately using the funds received within minutes of transfer and assurance of a secure transaction!

How to Send Money From Maya to Philtrust Bank

  1. To begin, open the Maya app and log into your Maya account. 
  2. Tap “Bank Transfer” at the app’s homescreen.
  3. Select Philtrust Bank from the list provided, then type in your desired amount.
  4. Next, type your recipient’s Philtrust Bank account details.
  5. Tap “Continue.”
  6. Review your Send Money transaction details.
  7. If all the details are accurate, tap “Send.”
  8. Maya will notify you via SMS that your transaction with Philtrust Bank has been completed.

Enjoy Modern-Day Convenience When You Transfer Money from Maya to Philtrust Bank

Transfer money from Maya to Philtrust Bank and experience a streamlined way of banking. Send money any time of day and for whatever purpose. As long as your recipient has an active Philtrust Bank account, receiving funds will go smoothly.

About the Philippine Trust Company (Philtrust Bank)


The Philippine Trust Company, or Philtrust Bank, is one of the oldest private universal banks in the Philippines. Since its founding in 1916, Philtrust Bank has secured its reputation for its mature, stable, and personalized services. Its client base comprises mostly middle-market, retail, and corporate customers. Philtrust Bank is known in the banking industry for its conservative approach to banking operations to ensure that entrusted funds remain protected. Nevertheless, Philtrsut Bank has embraced innovation, thus making digital technologies like online bills payment and online money transfer, available to its clients.

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