Send Money from Maya to PSBank

Maya and PSBank account holders are in for great news since these two reputable financial institutions have partnered to provide easy digital banking solutions! Maya users can instantly send money to any PSBank account holder up to a total of PHP 20,000 per transaction, making Maya an indispensable tool for anyone who often sends money for personal or business reasons. Send money using Maya to a PSBank account in just a few simple steps. No need to queue, no need to rush transactions within banking hours—send money straight to PSBank in just a matter of seconds!

Send Money - Maya

Money Transfer From Maya to PSBank: Banking Services for the Modern Day

Maya is proud to match PSBank’s forward-thinking and customer-centric approach to financial services. Even individuals who are just getting used to sending money through mobile payment solutions will quickly get the hang of transferring cash to PSBank accounts with Maya. Here are the benefits of sending money using this method:

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Transfer money for a variety of purposes, whether it’s topping up your own account or paying an online merchant with a PSBank account.

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Deposit to a PSBank account without having to go to the nearest physical branch.

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Transact at the most convenient time for you, without rushing to meet the bank branch’s hours.

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Be guided through a clear and straightforward money transfer process on the Maya app.

Use a money transfer service that’s safe and follows global standards.

Once you learn how to transfer money to a PSBank account with Maya, you can do so as often as needed. It will prove to be a handy and stress-free routine!

How to Send Money From Maya to PSBankk

  1. Start by opening the Maya app and logging into your Maya account.
  2. On the Home screen, tap “Bank Transfer.”
  3. Choose PSBank from the list of banks then key in the amount you want to transfer.
  4. Type your recipient’s PSBank account details.
  5. Tap “Continue.”
  6. Review the Send Money transaction details one more time.
  7. If everything’s in order, tap “Send.”
  8. Once your transaction with PSBank has been completed, Maya will notify you through SMS.

Choose Maya for Money Transfers to PSBank

Digital money transfers are now becoming the norm over physical, over-the-counter cash payments. Take advantage of a system that allows you to do fast, safe, and dependable money transfers and use Maya. Get the PSBank account details of your chosen recipient, and transfer money from Maya to PSBank right away!

About PSBank


The Philippine Savings Bank or PSBank is a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company. It is likewise Metrobank Group’s consumer and retail banking arm. PSBank had humble origins as a simple neighborhood bank in Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, but eventually grew to become the high-tech banking institution it is today. As early as the 1960s, PSBank has continuously advocated for innovation to streamline its services. Thanks to the bank’s tech- and customer-centric approach to banking, it is now one of the country’s leading savings banks.

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