Send Money from Maya to RCBC

Whether you’re at the office, on your daily commute, or seated in your living room at home, sending money is now effortless when you have the Maya app on your phone. In just a few easy taps, you can quickly send money to anyone with a Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) account. Install the Maya app today and discover a world of convenience you’ve never experienced before!


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Why Send Money from Maya to RCBC?

RCBC is a trusted development bank in the Philippines for both commercial and investment banking. You may have an RCBC account you want to top up, or perhaps you need to transfer money to someone who does. You can easily send money from Maya to RCBC anytime you like. Here’s why you should:

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Immediate money transfer. When you use Maya to transfer money to an RCBC account, the account holder will be able to receive the money right away.

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Send money from the comfort of your home. Maya also cuts the need for you to line up at a physical RCBC branch. With the app and an Internet connection, you can send money to whoever needs it regardless of your location.

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Round-the-clock convenience. You’re no longer constrained to RCBC branch banking hours with Maya. You can send money to an RCBC account anytime without chasing a cutoff time.

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Full protection of your data and privacy. Maya is guaranteed safe to use. Our digital payments system has stringent measures to protect your banking data and personal details.

How to Send Money from Maya to RCBC

To send money from Maya to RCBC accounts, all you need to do is follow the steps listed below.

  1. Log in to your Maya account on the Maya app.
  2. From the Maya Home screen, tap “Bank Transfer.”
  3. Select Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) from the list and type the amount you want to transfer.
  4. Key in the recipient’s account number and name.
  5. When you’re done typing the recipient’s details, tap “Continue.”
  6. Review your Maya Send Money transaction details one more time.
  7. If all details are correct, tap “Send.”
  8. Maya will send you a confirmation via SMS that your transaction with an RCBC account was successful.

Send Money from Maya to RCBC Today!

You don’t need to travel far or wait long just to transfer money to an RCBC account. For your convenience, simply download the Maya app, log in, and key in the details to send money from Maya to RCBC!

About Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)

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Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, or RCBC, is one of the largest universal banks in the Philippines. The bank now has over 480 branches and 1,500 ATMs nationwide. Majority-owned by the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC), one of the oldest and biggest conglomerates in the Philippines, RCBC has become one of the leading financial institutions in the country since its establishment in 1960. Today, RCBC offers a diverse range of services including retail and investment banking, microfinancing, foreign exchange brokerage, leasing, and overseas remittance services

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