Send Money from Maya to Sun Savings Bank, Inc

Have an easier time sending money with the help of the Maya app. We give our customers the ability to make financial transactions from the safety and convenience of their homes. Our app is also designed to work with the different Philippine-based banks like Sun Savings Bank, Inc. (SSB).When you use Maya, you no longer have to physically go to the bank and wait in line just to complete your banking errands.


Send Money - Maya

Why You Should Start Sending Funds to SSB Accounts Using Maya

There are many reasons why using Maya could be the answer to all your banking needs. Aside from allowing you to transfer cash remotely, you will also enjoy the following benefits:

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Secure banking experience. Using the Maya app will assure you of safe and secure transactions even if you are sending a large amount of cash. Maya is not only regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas but we also take extra precautioary measures to keep your personal data is protected. Among these measures are SMS notifications on successful transactions. This way, you are able to monitor and safeguard that all transactions in your account are only made by you.

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Up to PHP 20,000 per send money transaction. You can send money from your SSB account to your Maya account up to 6 times per day. The minimum amount per transaction is PHP 500 and the maximum amount is PHP 20,000

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Round-the-clock banking. What’s great about our app is that you can do your banking errands anywhere, anytime. You can use Maya’s services 24/7 so there is no need to worry about not making it in time for the bank’s cutoff.

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How to Send Money from Maya to Sun Savings Bank, Inc

In order to send money from Maya to a Sun Savings Bank, Inc. account, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Maya account.
  2. Click “Bank Transfer.”
  3. From the list, search for Sun Savings Bank, Inc. and input the amount of cash you want to send.
  4. Input the recipient’s account number and name.
  5. Tap “Continue” on the screen.
  6. Check the details of your Maya Send Money transaction.
  7. Tap “Send.”
  8. We’ll send a text message confirming that your transaction with a Sun Savings Bank, Inc. is complete.

Easy and Safe Transactions to Sun Savings Bank, Inc. Accounts with Maya

Download the Maya app today and start making easy, safe, and fast banking transactions to Sun Saving Bank, Inc. accounts. Our app is available in Google Play and the App Store.

About Sun Savings Bank, Inc.

sun savings bank

Sun Savings Bank, Inc. has a long and rich tradition of providing their customers with superior financial services. The bank is known for their experienced finance specialists, trustworthy team of managers and investors, as well as their impressive track record in the industry. They offer an array of banking products and services, each designed to help customers reach their financial goals. These include the following:

  • Salary loans
  • Home loans
  • Auto loans
  • Setting up checking account

With their approachable staff, as well as their excellent business and banking credentials, Sun Savings Bank ensures long-term stability and growth in their customers’ investments.

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