10 All-Time Favorite Fast Food Meals, Treats We All Missed During ECQ

It can be said that the time spent in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a true test of patience and character for Filipinos who have been accustomed to indulging in the most sinful but delectable meals from their favorite fast food restaurants. During the first few weeks of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ)you can be certain that many folks out there have been drooling just thinking about the tasty treats that they used to enjoy with family and friends!

While some people took this time as an opportunity to go on a diet, you have to be honest that some of these food items have probably kept you constantly daydreaming and waiting for the day when you could finally relish them on your taste buds once more. Here are just some of the meals, snacks, and sweets that we all definitely missed during the ECQ.


A staple in almost every celebration at home or in the office, we used to feel a bit queasy having too much of this Filipino dish too often. But who would have thought we would actually miss it during quarantine? Whether it’s pancit palabok, pancit canton, or some other type of pancit entirely, it’s a classic that a lot of us will surely order at the first opportunity..


Sweet-style birthday spaghetti is another foodstuff we realized that we took for granted. Nothing makes a party more Pinoy than this localized version of the popular Italian dish.


You could settle for a piece of bread with some leftover ingredients in the fridge, but nothing beats the experience of digging into freshly baked pizza with the most sumptuous toppings and melt-in-your-mouth cheese.


Part of what makes a fast food burger so much more enjoyable to eat is the variety of ways you can have it—with two patties, veggies, pickles, cheese or even pineapple! Indeed, for a lot of us, even those buy-one, take-one neighborhood burgers will do.

Fried Chicken

Like burgers, fast food chicken comes in many different varieties that will suit any person’s taste—whether you like it crispy, hot, broiled, barbecued or Korean-style. This is something we definitely missed having for a filling lunch or dinner.


This Middle Eastern delicacy has somehow evolved to become the quintessential afternoon snack or merienda for many Filipinos. And who can blame them? The aroma of freshly prepared shawarma is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.


Another foreign dish that has endeared itself to the palates of many Filipinos is ramen. Walking right into a restaurant and savoring a hot bowl of this Japanese noodle dish is an experience you just cannot replicate at home.


Siomai and siopao are two other classic merienda fare. You can find a dim sum stall in many street corners across the country, and they are sure to offer these Chinese-Filipino snacks. Sure, you can cook frozen variants of these bite-portioned goodies in your kitchen, but nothing really beats munching on freshly made ones in a restaurant.


Admit it—while you can always prepare a cup of coffee right at home, there is just something gratifying about ordering your favorite drink made just the way you like it. Certainly, we all have our favorite concoction from our favorite coffee shop.

Milk Tea

Milk tea or boba tea is another indulgence that gives personal satisfaction whenever you order it the way you like it—sugar, tapioca pearls, popping bobas and whatever else you fancy. This is perhaps one item that has been on everyone’s minds during the lockdown.

Fortunately, as the pandemic continues to be kept under control, and as Metro Manila and other key cities across the country have now been put under general community quarantine (GCQ), we can slowly but surely start enjoying these fast food favorites once more. And since dine-in options in restaurants are still prohibited, the only way to enjoy these is through delivery or take out.

The good news is that digital services such as Maya are just the right solutions for ordering food safely and conveniently during this time of a pandemic. Because social distancing rules still need to be observed and physical contact has to be kept to a minimum, a mobile money and online payment app such as Maya can be used so that you don’t miss out on your fast food cravings.

You simply need to download the app and create an account, get verified, then you can immediately enjoy its benefits. For example, you can use the secure Visa or Mastercard virtual prepaid card that comes with your Maya account to order your fast food favorites online. You also have the option of connecting a physical Maya payment card to your app to enjoy the same convenience.

Once things start getting back to normal and you can order food in-store again, you can also use the Maya app’s scan-to-pay feature, where you simply take a shot of the merchant’s QR code at the counter to pay for your order in a snap. This is the perfect way to get your food in a fast and safe manner while avoiding physical contact with people or surfaces inside an establishment. This way, there’s less chance of you being exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

In times like these, we should definitely be thankful that technology like Maya is available for us to still be able to enjoy the things we love the most, and these include the delectable treats from some of our most favorite fast food chains.

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