10 Things in Life You Absolutely Shouldn’t Scrimp On

It’s absolutely fine to save money on some of the things you buy. For some products, it’s actually the better approach to buy generic or to buy in bulk. It’s also much more convenient to source these products from different suppliers, for example from e-commerce stores.

In contrast, there are some items that you use in your daily life that are worth spending an extra penny on. For these items, quality matters, and the difference in price is usually worth the experience. These are also typically the products that you may want to examine up close and buy in brick-and-mortar stores.

Seasonal Clothing

Seasonal clothing items are products that you should choose carefully. These clothes do more than keep you fashionable all year round. They also protect you from weather extremes and decrease your likelihood of feeling sick or uncomfortable when you’re outdoors or when you’re traveling to a place where the climate is not something you’re used to. Do visit the best lifestyle stores to shop for items like thermal wear and winter coats. The decision will pay off, especially if you plan to travel to another country with a colder climate.

Good Pairs of Shoes

The same idea applies to pairs of shoes. For shoes, you usually get what you pay for in terms of comfort and durability. You may regret scrimping on your shoes for work or for school if you’re constantly uncomfy in them. In some cases, the wrong footwear may also result in blisters, wounds, or even sprains. Don’t risk your feet being in bad shape and find a good, high-quality pair at your favorite retailer.

Safety Gear

Another item you shouldn’t scrimp on is any form of safety gear. If you often ride a bicycle or a motorcycle throughout the city, you will want a good quality helmet. You should also equip your kids with trustworthy helmets, knee pads, or elbow pads if they use them for biking or skating. Your extra investment into durable safety gear will go a long way in protecting you and your loved ones from injury.

Health Supplements

Always buy medicines, including health supplements, from a source that you trust. This way, you’ll be better informed about where they come from and what’s in them. Your vitamins, diet supplements, and other health and wellness items are best bought at a trusted local pharmacy like Watsons and Mercury Drug . Preserve your health by spending a little extra on these.

A Good Mobile Phone

You depend on your mobile phone for a number of important routines in your day. As such, it makes perfect sense to spend extra on a good model with sufficient specs. Invest in the kind with an operating system that you like and that has high enough storage and processing capabilities for your needs.


Furniture items like tables, chairs, sofas, and stools are also worth investing in. You use these quite often in your home, and you should buy them with the intention of replacing them sparingly. Thus, you might as well shop for pieces that offer maximum comfort and utility, even if they are on the pricier side.

Cookware and Homeware

It’s the same logic for cookware and homeware—the less often you have to replace them, the better it is for you. Pay extra attention to items like pots, pans, knives, and plates. They’ll be worth your money if you can use them for decades to serve up your favorite home-cooked and takeout dishes.

Kitchen Appliances

Don’t scrimp on kitchen appliances, either. It’s true that quality appliances are usually a little more expensive. But their long service life, degree of safety when used, durability, and extent of after-sales support is often worth it. Make sure that preparing food is an easy task—as well as a safe one—by choosing your kitchen appliances carefully.

Nursery Items

Some people think that it’s not worth it to spend on expensive baby care products because they’ll only be used for a few years. But sourcing full-priced, high-quality baby items like cribs, strollers, and high chairs may be the best thing you do for your newborn because it’s a great way to ensure their safety and comfort. Even if your child will eventually outgrow them, you can always pass these items on to a family member or a friend.

Pet Food

If you also have a “furbaby” in your home, you’ll know the value of keeping them healthy. Provide them with a diet that’s both nourishing and satisfying by buying quality pet food. Before you buy pet food at the grocery or at a specialty pet goods store, research on the product’s ingredients and nutritional value. Get the best kind to guarantee your pet’s happiness and long life.

The Best Things That Money Can Buy

Not every product is worth spending extra on. But the ones listed above are the most likely to be worth the cost. For both safety and convenience, use your Maya e-wallet when you shop for these at local stores!

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