5 Easy Health Habits With Profound Long-Term Effects

Adopting a few small habits early in life can save you so much anxiety and money over your own health. Most people find the process daunting at first, with so many calories to count, supplements to take, and hours of exercise to conquer.

We’ve compiled a few of the essentials for you, which will help you find the best ways to stay healthy according to your work habits and eating preferences.


Set yourself a bedtime

Doctors recommend for most people to get seven to nine hours of sleep. This has both short and long term effects: apart from having more energy and focus throughout the day, sleeping more reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease developing later on.

Lady sleeping on a white bed

Giving yourself a concrete bedtime to follow every night is a great first step towards developing other healthy mental and physical habits.

 Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

It’s very tempting to look for coffee in the morning as the first thing to consume, but try having one glass of water instead. This helps your body hydrate after the eight hours you were asleep.
 Lady in bend reached a glass of water

Water is also a great way to curb hunger and control your appetite throughout the day. Add lemon juice to your water for extra benefits to your immune and digestive systems.

 Add vegetables and spices to your meals

Save money on food by preparing flavorful meals yourself—with vegetables and spices. 


Once you learn how to manage your schedule around cooking, you will slowly find these alternatives to bad fat, salt, and sugar much more appetizing. 

 Keep moving

If you work an office job, you probably spend most of your day sitting down. This includes your drive to work and the eight hours you’re at your computer. Even without a gym membership, there are tons of ways to give your body the attention it deserves. Take 20 to 30 minutes every day to walk or jog through a park, as the greenery provides better air.


Man and lady doing jog on mechanical gym equipment

Also, find time throughout your workday to get on your feet: take the stairs, park your car a few blocks from your building, or work at a standing table to name some examples.

 Work with your hands

Hobbies like knitting, baking, woodworking, or even household chores are ways for you to avoid overthinking. We spend so much time consuming content on our computers and phones that many actually develop anxiety and depression.

Lady filling a cupcake with icing on the wooden tableTake up a hobby to keep yourself busy and avoid falling into the trap of worrying.

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