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As much as you want to save a lot of money to keep you covered during rainy days, adulting life (aka monthly bills) is also a top priority. Good thing it only takes a few, small changes in your current routine to start saving little by little.  

Here are five easy ways to get started:  

#1 Shop in thrift shops before checking out malls

Thrift Shop

If you’re willing to try something new to save extra money this year, check out goods in thrift shops for your style needs! With patience and determination, you might just find cheap branded clothes that are worth thousands in mall stores. 
If you can't find clothes that you like after thrift-shopping, that’s the time you can check out the mall. No worries! You can still save by shopping during sale season and by using your Maya 

#2 Stop hoarding

That’s it, that’s the tip. Think about how much you spent last year on books that are still unread and clothes you have yet to use. This year, use all the things you already have before buying new ones.  
If  you find yourself really wanting to buy something, don’t buy it immediately. Let a few days pass so you can ponder if you need it.  

#3 Cancel subscriptions you don’t use often

Streaming Apps

These days, having multiple digital subscriptions is nothing new. But admit it, you don’t really use all of them as often as the other. 
Save money this year by weighing which streaming apps you use on a daily basis, then cancel those that you only use a few times. 
For easy tracking, use your Maya virtual or physical card when paying for your online subscriptions.  

#4 Be a responsible credit card holder

While it’s convenient to have a credit card  for emergency purposes, it can become a burden when you get financial charges that you weren’t aware of. To avoid these extra charges, you should know your credit card well before using it. You can start by asking your bank how much the financial charge if you fail to pay for your bill during your due date. 
If you’re the type who saves up for something you like, you can just use your Maya card for expenses. You can simply add money to your Maya and shop without worrying about financial charges. 

#5 Take advantage of discounts, rewards, and cashback

Happy Cashback

Aside from online or mall sales, you should also take note of rewards and cashback you get from purchasing. Even if the item you want isn’t on sale, you’ll still get a specific amount slashed off your purchase by just using Maya. 
Just shop at partner merchants with Maya QR and scan-to-pay for your purchases! As soon as you hit send, you have a chance to get 1%, 10%, or up to 100% cashback! 

It’s hard to save when you’ve got adult responsibilities, but by trying to spend less, you can save little by little. Start saving now by trying these five ways above with the help of Maya! 
Learn more about discounts and rewards at 

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