6 Cool Things Filipinos Are Having Shipped From The U.S.

Want to know how that person on your news feed is getting hoards of Stan Smith sneaks or  Kylie Lip Kit sets for sale when you can’t even find them anywhere in the Philippines? Here’s the secret: they have it shipped from the U.S. But you can buy the things you’ve always wanted to have at a much cheaper price without paying for large shipping fees and have your order delivered right to your doorstep. We’ll let you in on the secret at the end. Before that, below are some things you might have on your wish list.

1. Popular cosmetics: Kylie’s Cosmetics And Colourpop Cosmetics

   The Kylie Lip Kit is what every beauty addict wants to have right now ever since Kylie Jenner released the wildly popular product in late 2015. Unfortunately Kylie’s Cosmetics aren’t available yet in the Philippines. And while there are Facebook and Instagram sellers here who sell them, expect to buy them at an equally wild price as well.

Colourpop is also a popular cosmetics brand, providing an alternatively cheaper rate but with “Kylie-esque” shades that also became popular with famous Instagram makeup artists and personalities over the last year.


2. Ye White Sneaker Craze: Stan Smiths And Superstar Sneakers

The white sneaker phenomenon is still dominating Philippine street fashion. It’s not only become trendy, but has become almost a classic must-have for every person to own. Stan Smiths and Superstar sneakers look classic on both guys, girls, and can go with a casual or even formal wear if you want to look classy but down-to-earth at the same time. Check Footlocker or Famous Footwear out!

3. FOOD: All kinds of Snacks You Can’t Find Here

U.S grocery stores like WalmartTarget, and Costco have an extremely wide variety of snacks like Chips Ahoy and Trader Joe favorites like Cookie Butter. But what most people are buying from the U.S and re-selling in bazaars, Facebook groups, and other places right now are Oreos! That’s right. Filipinos have been crazy hoarding all kinds of Oreo flavors that can’t be found here: Oreo Smores, Oreo Red Velvet, Oreo Strawberry Cheesecake, Golden Oreos, Double Stuffed Golden Oreos, Birthday Oreos, Lemon Oreos, Oreo Cinnamon Buns, Oreo Mint, and Oreo Blueberry Pie (and the list goes on).   

4.  Quirky DIY/Craft Items: This Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Everyone wants to find unique and creative products they can use to personalize their spaces. Storenvy and Etsy are only some of the top places where you can discover amazing, handmade, vintage, inspired, and emerging indie brands you can’t find anywhere else.

5. Nerdy Collectible Items: Like This Awesome Stark House USB

Fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero fandoms have been taking over pop culture these days, and if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, Star Wars fan, Marvel (e.g. The Avengers) or DC Comics (e.g. Batman V Superman) fan, you’re considered to be an odd one out. ThinkGeek and Jinx are both websites where you can find some geeky items most people will go crazy for these days.

6. Books From Amazon: The kind of books that are hard/impossible to find here

Order the books you’ve always wanted to have from Amazon or other booksale sites! Usually these are limited edition design covers, illustrated novels, or rare or even popular titles that aren’t available in the Philippines. But voila! The photo below is actually the answer to your shipping problems! Say hello to Shipping Cart,  a web app that gives you a U.S address so your purchased items can be delivered from online shopping sites like Amazon, to your Shipping Cart address, then finally, to your doorstep in the Philippines! 

Shipping Cart makes it so easy and cost-efficient for us to shop and ship. We love it so much, we’re giving all Maya users a 15% discount off Shipping Cart when you use Maya to pay for the shipping fee. The promo lasts until July 15, 2016 only so get started on that Shipping Cart wishlist! You can learn more about Shipping Cart and the promo here.

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