Must-Follow Internet Personalities for Instant Fashion Inspo

Whether you’re preparing a travel wardrobe or just planning your next week’s work outfits, browsing through Instagram or watching vlogs on YouTube is the best way to get the fashion inspiration you need! 

Here are some social media personalities we follow on Instagram and YouTube for instant fashion inspo!

1. Lissa Kahayon, @lissakahayon

 Lissa’s Instagram bio describes it perfectly: she posts photos on fashion, travel, and fitness. If there’s one fashion peg you’ll get from Lissa’s feed, it’s definitely dressing up in plaids and prints!

2. Tracy Ayson, @tracyayson

 When it comes to fashion, Tracy Ayson knows what’s up. Her Instagram account features her work as a fashion stylist who loves traveling in style! Expect a variety of style cues from her posts—from cute little dresses to bikini suit— with matching quirky captions!

3. Sophie Ramos, @sophiemos

 In the sea of Sophie’s pastel-hued photos, she has definitely nailed down the girl-next-door #OOTD look to a T! Following her account means you get frontrow seats to learning how to dress up in bright-colored attires, and how to pose in travel photos with her signature smize.

4. Say Alonzo, @sayalonzo

Momma knows best even when it comes to fashion! For young moms who’d like to achieve #OOTD and #twinning photos with their little ones, Say’s account is definitely a must-follow!

5. Ava Te-Zabat, @artsyava


 Ava’s fashion statement isn’t just stylish but is also a work of art. If you’re the type to incorporate artsy elements like cute and colorful accessories in your daily outfits, you’ll definitely enjoy scrolling through her account! 

6. Louise de los Reyes, @louise.dr

This girl definitely knows how to make simple outfits look chic in her own way! If your wardrobe is mostly composed of denim shorts, shirts, and jeans, you’ll learn a thing or two from Louise’s feed.

7. Deegee Razon, @dgrazon

Deegee is the guy to follow for a lot of stylish sneakerheads! His Instagram feed features his collection of stylish sneakers that spruce up his daily outfits. Follow @dgrazon for tips on how to incorporate basic running shoes into your #OOTD!

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