9 Insider Tips for a Perfect Day at Big Bad Wolf 2019

You’ve seen the ‘Gram posts, and now it’s finally your turn head over to the World Trade Center for the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019!

 Here are a few hard-earned tips from previous shoppers for a worthwhile visit and an amazing haul!

You’re welcome.

 #1  Plan the time of your visit carefully.

Big Bad Wolf is open 24 hours a day until March 4, 2019, so when you want to go is entirely up to you!

 Pro Tip: The best times to visit are 7:00 AM and throughout the afternoon! Bibliophiles are apparently night owls because bulk of the crowd flock late at night.

 #2  Make a list of the books you want.

That pricey book you’ve been eyeing but never bought? It might just be on sale from 50%-90% OFF at Big Bad Wolf!

View inside of Big Bad Wolf book store with people picking books, and walking around

In celebration of their tenth-year anniversary, the event organizers have brought a whopping total of 2 million (!!!) new books to the World Trade Center!

A loot of books view inside of Big Bad Wolf book store with The Amazing Spider-Man Firsts Edition in the middle

If you’re open to suggestions, head over to their official website and browse through the book features on the home page!

 #3  Add money to your Maya, you’ll need it later!

ICYMI, Maya is the official digital payments partner of Big Bad Wolf 2019! 

Two Maya QR stand cards in the table

This means that the payment counters will accept payments via Maya QR! Forgot to add money to your Maya? No problem. You can add money at the Maya booth or through the Touchpay and Pay&Go kiosks inside the venue!

For the newbies out there, here’s a quick refresher on how to #ScanToPay with Maya QR at Big Bad Wolf 2019:



 #4  Wear comfortable clothes, especially shoes.

Take it from us: your comfort is worth more than your #OOTD at Big Bad Wolf.

 You’ll be spending upwards of two hours strolling around the huge venue and/or queueing to pay, so maybe swap those heels for a pair of sneakers for today.

 #5  Know which sections you want to visit.

Big Bad Wolf can be extremely overwhelming at first sight, so here’s a bit of extra help for you guys!

View inside of Big Bad Wolf book store in Non fiction books section

There are clearly-marked sections around the venue, such as “Baking”, “Science & Technology”, “Biographies & Memoirs”, “Business & Economics”, “Puzzles & Games”, “Pets & Nature”, “Music & Movie”, “General Fiction”, “Arts & Photography”, “Literature”, “Graphic Novel”, “Crime & Thriller”, and even “Best Sellers”!

View inside of Big Bad Wolf book store in Fiction books section

There’s no one way to explore the venue. Rather, it would be best to keep an eye out for the banners you’re interested in and ask for directions from Big Bad Wolf personnel.

 #6  Bring a carry bag for your books!

There will be trolleys available for use within the venue, of course, but you’ll still have to take home everything you buy.

 Bring all the eco bags. Better yet, bring a wheeled suitcase—we guarantee there are people already doing it.

 #7  Bring a buddy.

 You’ll get to go book-hunting together plus you’ll have someone to hang out with while queueing to pay.

Or to buy food. Or to buy food while queuing to pay.

 #8  Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Head over to the Customer Service booth on the day of your visit to ask which titles from your to-buy list are still in stock!

Group of books in the table with people around chatting

It’ll save you a lot of precious time.

 #9  Scan to Pay with Maya QR to get up to 100% cashback!

A hand holding a book with the title of The book of the year by Bob Dylan

If you followed our suggestion from number three, it’ll pay off big time when you’re ready to pay.

#ScanToPay with Maya QR for your book haul at the payment counters to get up to 100% cashback of up to P1,000 per transaction!

 Big Bad Wolf 2019 will run until March 4, 2019, so you’ve got three whole days left to get in on the action.

Happy shopping!

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