9 Spotify Beats To Get You From Break Mode To Study Mode


As we move further away from the holidays, it’s time to regroup and hit the books. Ease into the new year and the new semester by making a back-to-school playlist on streaming apps like Spotify. And they have a great offer to boot: College students can upgrade to Spotify Premium for just P65

Let us start you off with these tracks to get you through any kind of school day:

1. Work by Rihanna

Wake up, it’s time to get moving! This upbeat track by will have you dancing out of bed and ready to work.

2. Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Get ready to conquer whatever trials the day might have with this power ballad!

3. Run the World by Beyonce

Make the school hallways your personal runway and own the day!

4. Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

Whether you’re joining a new class, or just anxious for the first day of school, take some time to dance the nerves away.

5. The Boys Are Back by the High School Musical 3 Cast

There’s no better feeling than getting back together with your squad after spending several weeks apart. This mood booster is a great start to another semester with your friends! 

6. Teacher by Nick Jonas

There’s always that one song that starts playing in your head when you see your crush walk down the hallways. Maybe this one will give you the courage to go up and talk to them.

7. Dive by Ed Sheeran

For a lot of people, going back to school means seeing your crush again! Maybe now’s the best time to ask that special someone to a first date. Get a little bit of inspiration from this song.

8. What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber

This song is for that one subject that keeps you on your toes and at a loss for words. Maybe this year, things will finally be clearer!

9. Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake

At the end of a long day, it’s best to take things slow and relax. Just think: you’ll soon be home, lying on your warm bed.


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