6 Eco-Friendly Resolutions You Can Make on Earth Day 2018

All too often, people think of saving the environment as the duty of the government or large organizations. In reality, individuals, too, can make a big difference. It’s just a matter of being willing to make the switch or taking simple steps every day.

Here are resolutions that you and your family can make starting April 22, 2018 (Earth Day) and keep for the coming days, or years!


1. Create a more energy-efficient home

It would be cool to have solar panels and fancy water systems at home but it doesn’t have to be this fancy and complicated. You can start by switching off lights and appliances when not in use or turning off running water while brushing your teeth.

You can also change your home light bulbs to compact fluorescent ones (which last longer with less energy consumption) and choosing to buy aircon units with programmable timers to lower your power usage.


2. Have a ‘Vegan Day’ per week

We get it – going vegan is a large commitment to make. If it isn’t possible for you to make a permanent change, try having a meat- and dairy-free day per week. It can ease you into the habit, and challenge you to experiment with healthy but delicious do-it-yourself dishes!


3. Carry a reusable water bottle

It’s no secret that disposable water bottles have been polluting our land, seas, and oceans. And yet to stop this problem from worsening is super simple – to use a reusable water container. With the number of reusable thermoses, tumblers, and travel mugs available on the market, you’re sure to find one that fits your personal preferences!


4. Support eco-friendly products

There are a lot of eco-friendly local brands that are sold or even made locally, including V&M Naturals skincare lines and Messy Bessy’s collection of household cleaning products. Support companies that share the same eco-friendly mindset. Lastly, make sure your makeup brand doesn’t still test on animals! 


5. Leave your car in the garage once a week

Living car-free is one of four lifestyle choices that the Institute of Physics identified with the potential of substantially decreasing a person’s carbon footprint.

Like going vegan, this can be challenging for many Filipinos. Take baby steps in learning the tricks of commuting, or try carpooling with friends and family members if you’re heading to and from the same area. 


6. Recycle your old phones and gadgets

Electronic waste or e-waste refers to the damaged, broken, or unused electronics that people dispose of. This includes old smartphones, home appliances, game consoles, and other gadgets that have reached the end of their useful life.

If thrown away with other trash or disposed of improperly, these will eventually leak toxic compounds that filter into the air, earth, or nearby water supplies.

If you’ve got any old electronics or gadgets lying around the house, you can drop them off at seasonal drives like UP-based The E-waste Project or send them to companies like Envirocycle which specialize in disposing of e-waste.

These are just some ways to be more eco-conscious. How are you helping the environment in your own simple ways? Tell us all about them by tagging @MayaOfficial on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Happy Earth Day, Now Nation!

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