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One of the best parts of traveling, and life in general, is eating good food. If you’re seeking an authentic food experience, take it from Anthony Bourdain and eat like locals do.

In Taiwan, we’re sure you won’t mind with its streets lined with delicious and affordable treats. Taiwan’s street food scene reflects influences from China, Japan, Hong Kong, and even France. We gathered ten must-try Taiwanese delicacies for your next pilgrimage to this foodie paradise:

1. Bubble Milk Tea

It’s the ideal snack-drink made of the freshest milk, refreshing tea, and chewy tapioca. Pearl Milk Tea shops are ubiquitous in Taipei, being the birthplace of boba milk tea. Discover why the Taiwanese are obsessed with this drink by visiting Chun Shui Tang, aka the milk tea shop that started this worldwide craze.

2. Stinky Tofu

Don’t let its name and smell faze you because there’s a good reason why stinky tofu is on every traveller’s must-try list in Taiwan. It’s like the blue cheese of tofu – the worse it smells, the tastier it is. Just like kimchi or our very own balut, how would you know if you like it without giving it a try?

3. Octopus Takoyaki

If you’re already a takoyaki fan, Taiwan’s Shilin Night Market version is a sight to behold, overflowing with gooey cheese and topped with octopus. If that’s not enough, some stalls take it up a notch with a baseball-sized takoyaki filled with octopus, shrimps, broccoli, corn, potato, scallop and condiments for a punch of different textures.

4. Toffee Fruit / Tanghulu

No, that’s not “kwek kwek”. It’s cherry tomatoes, dried plum, or strawberries dipped in a thin coating of caramelized sugar, combining sweetness with a tangy twist.

5. Taiwanese Sausage

See what happens when you adapt the well-loved hot dog into Chinese cuisine. The result is Taiwan’s signature sweet and chewy sausages sold in every night market. Juicy pork sausages are usually barbecued on-the-spot then served with garlic, lettuce, or rice.

6. Spring Onion Pancake

Taiwan’s light and flaky onion pancake is a reminder of how simple ingredients sometimes create the most delightful food. It’s an everyday Taiwanese dish that every traveller shouldn’t miss!

7. Freshly Made Xiao Long Bao

One simply can’t go to Taiwan without getting a sip and a slurp of authentic xiao long bao. It’s a tourist ritual. Taiwan’s famous soup dumplings are sometimes made fresh in street stalls. Watching how these little treasures are made can be an added treat, making you appreciate each dumpling even more.

8. Red Bean Cake / Dorayaki

Dorayaki is a popular dessert or snack made of pancake patties traditionally with a red bean filling. Nowadays, it has an array of filling variation including custard, chocolate, sweet potato, matcha, or salted egg.

9. Gua Bao

Gua bao is a popular Taiwanese snack made with foldover steamed buns, generous slices of stewed pork, mustard greens, a dash of cilantro and a sprinkle of crushed peanuts. It’s a complete meal in itself, but there’s too much good food in Taiwan to settle for just one treat.

10. Black Pepper Pork Bun

One bite is all it takes for you to fall in love with Taiwan’s Pepper Bun. A popular pick at night markets, they are made with generously peppered pork and a handful of shallots. You can find this specialty at the tail end of Taipei’s Raohe Night Market.

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