Find affordable accommodations near your destination!

When looking for a place to stay during your travels, you look for three things: clean, affordable, and accessible to your chosen vacation spots–near the airport, near shopping districts, near train stations. One of the easiest, and relatively newest ways for searching for the best place to stay is Airbnb–the Google of vacation spaces.  




1. Easily find places that fit your budget!

Drag the price range buttons and Airbnb will show you where you can book!

2. Enjoy a wide selection of one-of-a-kind stays.

Airbnb is known for providing unique rooms, apartments, houses, so you can experience living like a local. (Read: The Best Airbnb Places To Go Out on Group Outings)

3. Directly speak to the owner of the place through Airbnb

Get firsthand information about travel destinations and guides straight from a local.


1. Make sure you’ve loaded up your Maya account at our over 15,000 Load Up Partners before booking online.  (Read: How to load up your Maya account).

2. Visit their and look for your next dream vacation stay!

3. Once you get to the payment page, enter the following details:

           Country: Philippines

           Payment Type: Credit Card

           Card Type: Visa

           Card Number: 16-digit number on your Maya app or physical card that starts with 4.

           Expires On: The date after “Valid Thru”

           Security Code: The 3-digit number after CVV2 on the Maya app or at the back of the physical Maya card.

4. Click “Request To Book” and proceed with Airbnb’s next steps with the host/owner.

5. Once your booking is successful, you’ll get an SMS notification about your transaction and an update on your app’s activity list.

And that’s it! Now you can book the best budget places online instantly using Maya. You can use Maya at other online booking websites such as Agoda,, or even booking online flights 

Start booking with Airbnb! Download the free app here:

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