Reasons why Maya is the best way to receive allowances

Juggling work and parenting can be quite a challenge especially as we ease into the back-to-school season. Luckily, as parents in the digital world, there are countless tools and apps available to help you complete your household management and work tasks simultaneously.

This includes the Maya app–which provides parents a faster, safer, and more convenient way to give allowances to their children–especially those who are off to senior high school and college.

Here are five reasons why using Maya is the best way for students to receive their allowances:

#1 It provides awesome perks for students

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Sending your children’s allowances via Maya is not only efficient, but it is also practical. With the various discounts and promos offered by Maya, you and your teenager can definitely pile up on cashback and discounts each time you transact. Maya offers a wide range of promos, providing the best deals catering to its student-customers.

#2 It is fast and convenient

With Maya, you can easily send your child’s allowance in just seconds – no need to fumble for the exact amount of cash in your wallet every single day. In times of urgent need, having your Maya can also come in handy, because sending emergency money from the confines of your office is just as easy as a few taps on your phone and can be done within seconds. You can also easily send funds to your or your child’s Maya wallet from your bank account through InstaPay.

#3 It is more secure than giving cash

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By sending their allowance straight to their Maya account, students can avoid instances where they lose or misplace their money. They can also track their expenses as they receive an SMS after each transaction–whether by using their Maya QR, virtual card, or physical card.

There are already cashless campuses which accept card and QR transactions including Lyceum University of the Philippines–Batangas and soon, the University of the Philippines. These universities, along with STI also provide Maya-powered IDs to their students. Of course, in times where they do need their cash, they can easily withdraw money from any Bancnet ATM near their home or school.

#4 It teaches them financial responsibility

If your children are heading to college, this season is a great opportunity for parents to also let them handle and manage their own money–which means allowing them to budget their allowances, track their expenses, and even save up a little fund for their hobbies or simply hanging out with their friends. One way to do this is by sending them their weekly allowance, instead of daily, via Maya.

With Maya, saving up is easier as they can easily track their spending within the app. They also get discounts on their in-app purchases which includes prepaid load, gaming pins, and even select goodies at Maya Treats.

#5 It empowers them to make their own purchases

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Using their savings to purchase items that give them joy or allow them to pursue their passions–whether these are gaming pins, a cute new purse at Zalora, or art supplies at the National Bookstore–will surely make them feel empowered and inspired to keep saving money.

With Maya on hand, they can purchase all these items and more, in the safest, most convenient way, with the most value for their money.

Download the Maya app now and experience cashless convenience as you manage your household while on the go. To know more about how you can get the best deals when you pay your bills, send money, buy load, shop online and in-store, and many more, visit

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