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Filipinos are known to join raffle promos and contests where they can win big prizes, so what makes the #MayaPaMore Raffle Promo different?

Aside from the fact that you can win P10,000 in the daily draw until December 31, 2018, you also have a chance to take home P10 Million in the grand draw.

It’s also nearly effortless to earn raffle entries! Here are five reasons why: 

#1  There’s no paperwork

Compared to other raffle promos, you don’t have to fill out forms or buy scratch cards in #MayaPaMore!

No need for proofs of purchase to be dropped in dropboxes, either. Phew!

#2  There are no winning combinations

With #MayaPaMore, you don’t have to jot down 6-number combinations and wait for the probability of one in 40 million odds in every draw date.

You only need successful transactions using the app or your physical and virtual Maya card!

 #3  There are no lines

Unlike joining the lottery where you have to fall in line and wait for your turn to pay for your entry, you don’t have to go to booths to make sure you get included in the next draw!

With #MayaPaMore, all you have to do to earn raffle entries is to sit back, relax, and keep using your Maya app or Maya in Messenger!

 #4  You earn raffle entries without realizing it

Here’s the best part: even if you do not intend to join this raffle promo, you might be earning raffle entries already! Using Maya as you normally do already qualifies you to earn raffle entries. Here are a few examples:

1. Upgrading your account – 20 raffle entries

2.  Sending Money (at least P10) – 2 raffle entries per day

3. Shopping online and in stores (at least P250)– 2 raffle entries per purchase

4. Paying a bill with Maya – 10 raffle entries per unique biller (e.g. Meralco, Maynilad)

5. #ScanToPay with Maya QR (at least P100) – 2 raffle entries per transaction

6. Purchasing load, data, or gaming PINs from the Maya Shop or Maya in Messenger (any amount) – 2 raffle entries per purchase

You might get shocked when you receive the weekly SMS updates of your raffle entries! Here’s the best part: do at least four different transactions within a month and you get 100 BONUS raffle entries! 

#5  There’s a daily draw and a grand draw

From the start of the promo on November 8, 2018 to its last day on December 31, 2018, there will be daily draws where a Maya user wins P10,000! You might have seen the names of some of the P10,000 winners on our Facebook page already.

The grand draw will happen on January 7, 2018, so follow @mayaiseverything on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest news! 

#MayaPaMore because this promo is until December 31, 2018 only! Visit pymy.co/10m for the full promo mechanics.

No Maya yet? Download the free app here:

PayMaya_Android PayMaya_iOS-1

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