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Get ready to wave hello to summertime! Looking for a way to beat the heat? We've come up with a list of places you can get some sweet treats to chill out with some family and friends.

Ice Cream Chilling

A blizzard in the summer? Stay cool this season with your favorite cold snack! You can never go wrong with these places that offer iced, creamy goodness in every bite. These places will surely be the cherry on top of your summer days.

Dairy Queen

3 sets of ice cream in cup and red spoon


3 scoop of pink ice cream

Coffee Break

How do you take your coffee? Have it any way you want this summer by heading to your favorite coffee shop. Take a break from school or work and have a cold drink alongside your favorite pastry before continuing to get that bread! A quick break at these places will surely give you the energy to get through the rest of your day.


3 sets of starbucks coffee


Two cups of Bo's coffee


3 sets of CBTL

Fresh Refreshments

Is the summer heat hitting hard? It might be a good idea to cool off with some iced refreshments. Take your pick from fruity or milky drinks because these places have it all. Get through the dog days with the help of some sweet coolers!


3 sets of Chatime

Tokyo Bubble Tea

2 sets of Tokyo Bubble Tea

The Big Chill

3 sets of Big Chill

This summer, make sure that you keep it safe while keeping it cool by choosing contactless transactions when getting your cold treats! Fortunately, all the places we’ve listed have Maya QR available so you can simply #ScanToPay, and enjoy your coolers with your family and friends while staying safe!

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