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Avid followers of Hallyu (or the”wave” of Korean popular culture that’s sweeping across the world) will be familiar with the use of Korean Fried Chicken as a recurring theme from idol endorsements to television dramas. What’s the hype, anyway?


As it turns out, quite a lot. Korean Fried Chicken (or “KFC”, as referred to in South Korea), is lighter, crunchier, and juicier than its Western counterpart. The secret, as revealed in the New York Times’ expose, is in using fresh chicken and double frying the pieces to drain the fat and produce the ideal thin, crunchy “paper fried” crust. Finish it off with some light salt-and-pepper seasoning or a light brush of sauce (Bonchon-style), and it’s downright irresistible.

K-Dramas in particular have taught us to enjoy KFC a hundred different ways. Which one is your favorite?

*Note: May contain some spoilers for the dramas.


My Love From The Star: Chicken and beer

Photo courtesy of We Heart It

This is the K-Drama that started the Korean-Style Fried Chicken craze in China after it aired.

My Love From The Stars showcased KFC at its finest: served solo or with minimal side dishes and a few brews in a classic pairing called chimaekThe name is a mashup of two Korean words – chi-kin (chicken) and maek-ju (beer) – and is the pinnacle of comfort food for many South Koreans and Hallyu fans worldwide.

Photo courtesy of

The way lead actress Jeon Ji-Hyun chows down in that iconic chicken restaurant scene…  well, small wonder the craving for chimaek went viral.

The best part is, replicating chimaek  in your own home isn’t difficult. Order some chicken, grab a six cold pack of your favorite beer from the fridge from the fridge and enjoy!


Team Bonchon Box, 8pcs. (PHP 495)


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo: Chicken with… everything.

Photo courtesy of Fanpop

Korean Fried Chicken plays a big role in Weightlifting Fairy, considering Bok Joo’s appetite and the fact that her family owns a fried chicken joint.

Photo courtesy of Klook

Instead of the popular chimaek combo, here we see fried chicken treated like customary ulam dish: paired with everything from traditional Korean side dishes to fried rice and soda.

Photo courtesy of Koreaboo

If you can’t pop over to La Union to eat at the local version of the romcom’s Bok Chicken restaurant, you can always make do with takeout from your favorite Korean Fried Chicken place.


                                            K-Style Feast A (PHP 189)

1 piece chicken, 1 half chapchae, 1 milky creme, kimchi coleslaw, 1 regular drink, 1 fried rice



Goblin – The Strange and Lonely God: Chicken plus fries and dip (and beer)

Photo courtesy of Kdramabuzz

What is it with characters owning fried chicken joints?

In Goblin, heroine Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go-Eun) takes a part-time job at Olive Chicken restaurant. As if by destiny, the restaurant belongs to Sunny (Yoo In-Na), who also happens to be the reincarnated sister of Eun Tak’s eventual love interest Kim Shin (Gong Yoo), the goblin and star of the show.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

It’s all very complicated. K-Drama, am I right?

Photo courtesy of Daniel Food Diary

Good news: BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe exists in real life! Key scenes from the drama were shot at its Gangnam and flagship Jongno branches. A particular scene from the drama shows the goblin, the grim reaper, Sunny, and Eun Tak sharing a chicken and fries dish in BBQ Olive Chicken Jongno.

Photo courtesy of Koreaboo


It’s a little more modern than other KFC pairings, but excellent for barkada hangouts at home or (typical) as pulutan during your next drinking session.


Chicken Poppers and Fries Box Meal (PHP 165)

1 box of chicken and fries, 1 regular drink


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