6 Ways to Manage your Maya Account Via Facebook Messenger

Convenience is so important these days. We want little to no hassle in everything we do, so even if you have your Maya app on your phone, you still want it to be more accessible.

Being the most used communication platform, it’s such a relief that we can use Facebook Messenger to manage our Maya accounts as if we’re just chatting!

With Maya in Messenger, you don’t have to switch apps or log in to your Maya app every time. Here are six ways on how you can access and manage your Maya account via Messenger:

 #1  Check Balance

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In just a few clicks, you can already see how much money you have on your account. Just open Maya in Messenger, click “Get Started” and then “Check Balance.”

You can also choose “Money” on the bottom tabs then click “Your Account” and “Check Balance.”

 #2  Buy Load

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Aside from getting a 5% discount when buying load, it’s also effortless to send prepaid load to your number or to a friend’s number.

Just start a chat with @MayaOfficial on Messenger, click “Get Started” and then “Buy Load.” You can also choose “Money” on the bottom tabs then click “Buy Load.” It will show how much balance you have left on your account and will confirm if you would want to send prepaid load to your number or to others. You will then be presented with various choices of prepaid load to purchase.

 #3  Pay Bills

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In just three steps, you can easily pay bills via the Maya in Messenger. Step 1, choose among the listed billers. Step 2, fill up the required details. Note that you have to pay a bill before its due date to use Maya. Step 3, simply confirm your payment.

 #4  Check out an Add Money Partner near you

Man holding mobile phone displays Maya Application Add Money page

If you need to add money to your Maya account, you can see a list of partners where you can go to keep using your Maya.

When you click on a specific Add Money partner, their own instructions on how to add money to your Maya will be shown. All you have to do is follow them!

 #5  Get a reference number to encash funds via Smart Padala

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If you want to encash your funds but you don’t have a physical Maya card yet, you can do so via Smart Padala!

Search for @MayaOfficial on Messenger, click “Get Started” and then “Encash” or you can click on “Money” on the bottom tabs, choose “Your Account” and “Encash.”

Your remaining balance will be shown and will be asked to choose how much you want to encash. A minimal 1.5% fee will be charged for this transaction.

 #6  Send Money to friends

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This is the most fun feature yet. You can conveniently send money to friends and family members using Maya in Messenger! Note that you need to have an upgraded Maya account to be able to send money to your Messenger contacts.

Before you can proceed with any of these activities,  you first need to link your Maya account to Messenger. Here’s how:

a.  Start a chat with @MayaOfficial on Messenger.

b.  Click “Money” on the bottom tab.

c.  Choose “My Account” then click “I have an account.”

d.  Login with your Maya account credentials.

e.  Allow Maya access to Facebook.

f.  Wait for the confirmation message that your account has been linked!

 But wait, there’s more! Get a welcome bonus of P50 upon linking your Maya to Messenger for the first time! This limited-time offer runs until December 15, 2018. Learn more about this reward here.

No Maya yet? Download the free app here:


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