5 Hacks To Get More For Your Money From October 30-31

October’s officially ending, and we want to give you guys a bit of a treat as a thank you for all your support.

Here are five hacks to make the most of the different Maya promos that we have this month!

Hack #1: Buy at least P1,500 on Lazada and use the code PAYMAYAPAYDAY to save up to P500 on your Lazada purchase!

Hurry, this first one’s only good on the October 30 payday!

Paying with Maya already guarantees you a P200 cashback on purchases of P400+ (Hack #1), so when you add the P300 OFF when you use the code on checkout, it gives you a total of P500 you can spend somewhere else!

 Hack #2: Shop online worth at least P400 with Maya and get up to P200 back!

Our online shopping promo basically guarantees a 50% cashback (maximum amount of P200) for your first online shopping spree on October 30-31.

Even out that P200 cashback by shopping for items totalling P400 and up!

Hack #3: Pay a receipt of at least P400 with Maya QR and get P200 back!

Even out that P200 cashback by shopping for items totalling P400 and up!

#PayMayaQR is available at restaurants, department stores, and boutiques nationwide, so any promo is one to look forward to.

This Maya QR Flash Sale guarantees you a 50% cashback on your first bill paid with QR, max out the whole P200 by grouping your items into one big purchase!

See the list of places you can #ScanToPay with QR here.

Hack #4: Send at least P100 to someone with Maya and get P50 back!

You’re entitled to 50% cashback the first amount you send with Maya from October 30-31, so up the amount to at least P100 so you can get the most money back!

Hack #5: Pay with Maya and use the code 2PLUS1 to get a FREE night on your ZenRooms accommodation!

If you’re planning a trip in November or December, you need to save the most you can, wherever you can.

ZenRooms has a great selection of hotels from Europe to Asia. Book a stay of at least two nights with Maya on their site and use the code above, you can get an automatic free night’s stay at your hotel of choice!

 There are always ways for the smart shopper to save money this holiday season. Keep up with us @mayaiseverything on Facebook, ‘cause we’re just getting started.

Catch you in November, #NowNation!

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