Pinoy Movies and TV Shows That Will Get You HOOQed |

It’s now easy to watch popular Western or Korean movies and TV shows with all the video-on-demand platforms we can access with just a few taps. But if you’re looking for Filipino entertainment, there’s a platform just for you! 

Prepare to get hooked with these five Pinoy movies and TV shows that you can watch on Hooq!  

#1 Four Sisters and A Wedding

It has been six years since the movie was released but the Salazar siblings are still relatable for their unique and memorable personalities. Are you more of a Bobbie, Teddie, Alex, Gabbie, or CJ? Rewatch it (for the nth time) to find out!

#2 My Special Tatay

Have you ever wondered why the ‘BoBrey’ ship sailed so well that it became a thing on social media? If yes, you can start binge-watching ‘My Special Tatay’ where Boyet and Aubrey, played by Ken Chan and Rita Daniela, built a family of their own despite their own incapability and circumstances in life.  

#3 Last Night

Looking for the next romance drama film to surprise you with an unexpected twist? This is the perfect movie for you! Join Mark and Carmina as they meet one fateful night and try to save each other from ending their own lives. Make sure to have those tissues ready. You will need it! 

#4 Wildflower

Maja Salvador did not disappoint when she portrayed Lily Cruz in this TV drama. With just the right mix of drama, revenge, and suspense, you might not get up from your seat once you start binge-watching!

#5 I-Witness

If you prefer binge-watching documentaries instead of teleseryes, Hooq still got you covered! About 24 episodes of I-Witness’ award-winning stories are available in this video platform. Most of them are hard to find anywhere else as they are about a decade old! Raise your hand if you agree that this is quite a catch. 

There are only five of the hundreds of local TV shows and films that you can watch on Hooq! To sign up for an account, just visit, click on the sign up tab, register using your email address or phone number, then key in the code that will be sent to you. That’s it, you’re finally on Hooq! Subscription fees range from P15  per day to P149 a month! 

For a hassle-free experience, you can easily get Hooq pins via the Maya app with just a few clicks. Just open your app, tap the ‘Shop’ tab and choose the Hooq pin you’d like to purchase. 

Happy binge-watching! 

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