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To say that Filipinos are fried chicken lovers is totally an understatement. It’s a dish that is surely present in your daily meals and even important celebrations.  

So the moment Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen came back to the metro, it became a hit again. Nobody’s ever too old for crispy fried chicken, and Popeyes offers this along with interesting sides that you won’t find anywhere else.  

If you want more than just your ordinary fried chicken and other dishes that can satisfy your palate, here’s a list of must-haves we totally love from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen! 

#1 Chicken French Quarter

Maya Bird doll facing in front and hamburger inside Popeyes burger container and a Popeyes chicken bucket in a table

Looking for a filling meal when you don’t want to consume rice? For just P168, you can enjoy this chicken fillet sandwich garnished with bacon, lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers and a special sauce which when combined makes it the best chicken burger you’ve tasted! It also comes with a side of crunchy fries and a drink. 


#2 Cajun Fries

Maya Bird doll facing in front standing beside a Popeyes potato fries in the table
Priced at P42

If you want to try out flavored fries that isn’t seasoned with just powdered salt, cheese, or barbecue flavor, you can try out Popeyes cajun-flavored fries! It’s crunchy, not oily and gives an extra kick in the mouth, thanks to its spices. You can also get other side dishes like mashed potato and creamy crab soup.  


#3 Biscuits

Three different flavors of Popeyes signature warm biscuits in a box
Price ranges from P45-P150 including a box of 3

When in Popeyes, you should never miss their signature warm biscuits that comes in three flavors – honey, white chocolate, and hazelnut. They’re already tasty on their own but dipping them in syrup also adds flavor to it.  


#4 Chicken

_2 Chicken
Price ranges from P92-P185

On top of the list is none other than the juicy and tender Popeyes fried chicken! Well-loved for its southern-style flavor which can go from mild to spicy, it’s best partnered with their buttermilk cookies! 


Other than these four mouth-watering dishes, Popeyes offers more meals to choose from. Their menu price ranges from P42 to P715 including group meals which you can share with your family and friends. 

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