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On January 10 to 12, we’re going to witness the unofficial launch to a new year in tech: The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas. Events like this fuel gadget rumors and drive much anticipation for unreleased devices from the world’s favorite brands.

While it’s tempting to wait months for the release of hyped new phones and accessories, we sometimes need to make purchases sooner than expected (especially if your current devices have worn out).

This shopping list presents hotly awaited gadgets for the year, and alternatives you can buy right now.


New Releases: Samsung Galaxy S9

The South Korean giant’s flagship device for 2018 will come with some vital improvements.

The company is under a lot of pressure to match Apple’s cutting-edge iPhone X technology with their own powerhouse processors, biometrics, and productivity tech.

Buy Today: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

From P31,290 on Lazada

The product to buy right now is this almost one-year-old fan favorite. With the Note 8 just a few months into the market, you get a real bargain opting to buy the slightly older S-line flagships instead, which still provides excellent value in this category.

If you can wait a few weeks more, the new Samsung A8 and A8+ phones will arrive in the Philippines by late January, starting at around P27,000 and P33,000, respectively.

These will bring thinner bezels to their mid-range lineup, along with several features normally reserved for high-end models.


New Releases: Oculus Go

The team behind the Oculus Rift caught the electronics world’s attention in 2016 with their immersive virtual reality (VR) technology. At the time, it was a large, complex, and expensive system only a few enthusiasts would consider buying.

The Go has been announced to arrive early this year, introducing the company’s first all-in-one headset designed for the budget-conscious consumer.

Buy Today: Google Daydream View

P5,420 on Lazada

With a VR-compatible smartphone (you can check if yours is on this list) and VR goggles, you get a wide range of immersive experiences through the compatible apps available online.

While not quite as robust as the OculusDaydream is a great way to get started with VR now that it’s on sale at almost half the starting price.

 Smart Speakers

New Releases: Apple HomePod

Many iOS and macOS fans have been excitedly waiting for the true blue Apple entry into the personal-assistant-speaker race.

After the company announced some production delays, we now expect the Siri-enabled gadget to hit stores in the first half of 2018.

Initial reports show that HomePod will have premium-grade sound quality and close integration with other Apple products, while others have expressed concern that it might not work well with third-party smart home devices and apps.

 Buy Today: Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

P7,980 on Lazada

Get Alexa for your home instead, as the Echo has now come down from its high local starting prices. It won’t integrate as well with your Apple devices, but for right now, it does an amazing job syncing with just about any smart home hub device you connect gadgets to.

Its mesh outer casing and easy-to-use interface make it a very chic and capable device for listening to music, taking calls, and controlling just about anything in your smart home.

Alternatively, Lazada also sells the smaller Amazon Echo Dot for just over P3,000—much the same product in a smaller, hockey puck-sized package.

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