3 Games To Buy To Start Your Monster Hunter Obsession

Having cultivated a massive online following through its handheld-compatible games, the Monster Hunter franchise is now in a great position to take the market by storm with their latest release—Monster Hunter: World.

The new title brings huge advancements to the game’s storied world, with map locations and enemies moving as though they could be true-to-life (none of the locations or creatures are real). Players find themselves targeting more sophisticated creatures that can radically change the ways they defend themselves halfway through your hours-long attack. 

While World is arguably the best and brightest iteration of the franchise’s seek-and-slay concept, the series began in 2004—with Monster Hunter for the Wii and PlayStation 2.

If you’re new to the franchise, we’ve shortlisted 3 of Monster Hunter’s international titles that you can play today on your smartphone or handheld devices. 

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Mobile App, iOS
P749, iOS App Store

                                           Photo courtesy of App Store

The fourth game in the series became available on iOS in 2014, with improvements to graphics and gameplay from Capcom. When the original version was released on the PlayStation Portable in 2009, it was the first Monster Hunter game to cause a sensation, selling millions even in Japan alone. 

It’s now the only remaining installment of Monster Hunter available through iOS.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Nintendo 3DS
P1,595, Lazada

Photo courtesy of Nintendo

There are hundreds of hours of gameplay to have on your 3DS with this deep-dive of a game. There seem to be countless weapons, items, and armor, and learning about these is a tall task in itself.

This is where this series gets you hooked: in the small details that help when confronting a gargantuan boss.

Monster Hunter Generations

Nintendo 3DS

P1,495, Lazada

Photo courtesy of Nintendo


Generations is for fans of the series looking to revitalize their love for the franchise. It contains some of the most memorable moments from the series’ twelfth year as one of the world’s most beloved JRPGs.

It’s not all rehash, as this title allows players to pick from four major fighting disciplines with their own super-attacks.

You can purchase these three games easily online with your trusty credit or debit card!

When you’re ready to move on to the big leagues, Monster Hunter: World for PS4 is available for purchase and shipping to the Philippines on Amazon Prime.

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