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With social media, it's easier than ever to get in touch with our friends. We don't even have to send them messages as their photos, stories, and status updates often serve as our look into their daily lives. 

But there are friends who step away from the digital world when they feel sad and troubled, seeing it as a source of toxicity. You want to check in on them but you don't know how since they've deactivated all their social media accounts.

In case you've forgotten, you can still send them a text message. Here are a few words you can start with.


#1 "I'm here if you need anything."

Lady comforting another lady sad sitting on a chair with table in front

You need to remind your friend of your presence. Make them feel that despite their silence, you think about them and you're always a call or text away. 

#2 "It's okay, you're not weak."

Lady in white polo t-shirt sad sitting on a chair in front of a laptop in the table

When people are sad, they tend to be a little less nice towards themselves. Remind them that it's okay to feel sad, to feel bad, to cry, and to not want to talk to anyone yet. 

#3 "You can talk to me and I'll listen."

Man comforting another man sad sitting on a stair

Even with longtime friends, there are times when friends feel scared to reach out for fear of being misunderstood. With just a few words, let them know that you are willing to talk or just listen about their worries. 

#4 "Take your time, I'll be waiting."

Man in blue jacket sad staring at mobile phone sitting on chair

As a friend, you tend to be jittery about finding out how your friend is doing and what you can do to help. But sometimes, they need space and time to figure things out until they're ready to share it with someone else. Let them know that there's no pressure and they don't have to force themselves to instantly feel better. 

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